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12-15-2005, 06:01 PM
Hi all! :D I've been reading over this forum for a little while but this is my first post. I've been posting on Spinekids for about a week or so. I introduced myself over there and I know a lot of people post on both so I'll try to keep it short this time (I have a tendency to ramble).

I'm eighteen years old and a freshman in college (Elem. Ed. major and equine science minor). I have adolescent idiopathic scoliosis which was diagnosed during a routine sports physical when I was 11. The curve was only about 11* (I just had one then) at the time so we just waited to see what would happen. By the time I was twelve, the curve had progressed to about 24* (I think...it's been awhile and I didn't keep a record of any of it) and I was also developing a lower compensatory curve. I was put in a Boston brace 23/7. I wore it for eight months but my curves continued to progress, although they were slowed down. Since it wasn't stopping my curves and was instead flattening my back (risking limited lung capacity) my orthopedist told me to stop wearing it. The curves increased a lot faster then but I was pretty tiny at the time so they wanted to wait a little while to do surgery to give me a chance to grow. I really don't remember the exact curves before surgery but they were pretty high. I'll have to check on that :p . My surgery was three days after my 14th birthday, in July 2001. I was in the hospital for six days and had zero complications or problems. I'm now about 4 1/2 years post-op and I have never had a problem or setback. I show horses and ride on my school's IHSA (equestrian) team as well. I have a twin sister and a soon-to-be-13 year old sister. My twin and I are fraternal and she doesn't have scoliosis (neither does my younger sister). My grandmother found out a few years ago (after my surgery) that she has mild scoliosis, so perhaps it is genetic. Anyway, I hope I'm welcome here and I look forward to getting to know everyone! :D