View Full Version : pros and cons?

02-13-2004, 07:56 PM
ok i have been watching this site for awhile and i have heard many stories saying do the surgery! do the surgery! and many saying dont do the surgery! dont do the surgery! and i do relized that every case is different but is there some sort of statistic of successful and unsuccessful surgeries that i could see. or if anybody would like to tell their story it would be apprieciated i want to know all i can! thankyou all very much

02-15-2004, 09:11 PM
If your scoliosis' curves are close to 50 degrees, if they're progressing, or your doctor is saying surgery should definitely be considered, do the surgery. From my view, when curves start to get worse, surgery is key. For some, like me, if the surgery is not done you will be deformed, and you will be crippled. Get the surgery done now at a young age, so you won't have to worry about literally crippling and your back deforming, which will eventually cause possible respiratory problems, within just a matter of years. So my point is, if your doctor is for the surgery, you have progressing curves, or curves that are to the point now where your doctor thinks they'll continue to get worse, go for it. If they end up getting worse, and nothing is done about it, the things can and will happen as stated above. I have been through it, have had the progressing curves, and now that I've experienced these things, it's made me realize the surgery was really the only option.