View Full Version : What should I expect 3 months after surgery?

02-12-2004, 10:13 PM
Hi. It's been exactly 3 months tomorrow since my surgery, and I was just wondering what ya'll went through, what new pain you experienced, etc. a few months after your surgery...of course I'm not playing any sports, or riding my horses...I am going back to my tap/jazz dancing classes, but I kind of "go through the motions" and don't do the steps full out. I'm kind of a worry wart anyway, so I am just wondering if what I'm doing is okay, and if the pain I feel now and then is normal, which I'm sure it is considering it hasn't been that long since surgery. I am one as well that wants to be as normal as possible, and I have a VERY high pain tolerance. Just curious though as to what kind of pain is normal to expect now that it's been 3 months.
Also, for those of you that have had the surgery, do you "kind of feel" the rods in your back? If I turn or move a certain a way, or move my shoulders up and down, I can feel a new "thickness" in my back, and definitely feel something different in there if you know what I mean. It's so neat to be able to run my fingers down my back, and feel the bumpiness of my spine going pretty much straight down my back lol. Well, thanks for any input. Have a good day!

02-12-2004, 11:16 PM
Im 16 and I had my surgery a little over a year ago. Be careful and dont push yourself. When it comes to sports and exercises you will be prone to being more sore and tired out than other people. No matter what your pain tolerance is just take it easy you just had a major surgery and it wouldnt take much to hurt yourself. Its been a year and a couple weeks ago my back hurt for a week and it was only from straining a muscle in my back. Other people would recover quickly. So my best advice to you is to take it easy and relax because you deserve it after all the pain you went through before. Take care