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02-12-2004, 02:41 PM
I had surgery about 2 almost 3 years ago, and the sideffects are starting to way down on me. I have always pushed myself and I did so again after my surgery. I was playing sports and doing what I felt I should be able to do. I never had much pain with my back and my doctors told me that it was because of my high pain tollerence. Well, my tollerence is running thin. My doctor told me that after a couple of years with rods in your back you develop a pain in your back usually near the top of the rods. I was told to take tylanol for it and thats all I can do. I was curious if anyone else was having these pains and if they have found alternate ways of getting rid of the pain other then medication. I am an athlete and I play through pain and pain makes me play even better, but the pain is starting to get to me and I guess change me. I have always had a temper that is always below the surface. I fight alot, and box so I can get rid of it instead of taking it out on my friends. Now no matter what I do I am always quick to get upset and into a fight. I am just looking for other ways then medication for relief. So if you have tips post them and i'll see. well, cya.

02-12-2004, 09:17 PM
Hi, when I had my surgery 5 years ago I had to give up my love for extreme sports. I felt like I could play them again and so I did. I had, like you, I need to play and a high tolerance to pain. After about 3 years, I began to experience some major pain in my lower spine, below the rods. I have been taking Vicodin for it but it doesn't work. I had gone to a chiropractor but most of them won't touch any of us because they are afraid to damage anything more and mostly want to avoid a law suit. I went to a massage therapist and found that the *scalding rocks* treatment is FABULOUS!!!... It sounds bad because the word 'scalding' is in there but trust me, you will never feel anything better. It isn't permanent but it helps sooo much. It got me back on my balance beam and back into all of my games. It's the most effective method I have tried yet. good luck and I hope your pain goes away.

02-12-2004, 09:26 PM
Hey thanks for the tip. Scalding actually sounds more like me. I recently got a jacuzzi and it doesn't help to much. I'll check that out and see if I can get it done. Because I'm a chic, if you didn't guess. I'm good all around. I'm a pagent queen, but I also play wide receiver for my high school football (guys) team. I play on the girls soccer and basketball team. Adn its starting to build up. It would be great to try that before a game and go in with no pain. Thanks I'll try it and get back to u if it works. thanx -Ali

02-12-2004, 09:32 PM
You're welcome. Just glad I can help. I wanted to be a punter for my football team but since my scoliosis was so bad, my surgery didn't work and I refused a second one, I am alost cut off from sports all together... I still try to play as many as I can without being in too much pain. I wish you the best of luck...

02-12-2004, 11:29 PM
I get the exact same pains toward the top of the rod too. My doctor told me its a pulled muscle. Take an inflamatory like something with IB Profen in it. Also a heating pad feels good. Massage therapy is the answer to all tho! lol