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10-28-2005, 03:26 PM
Holy moly, is this ever becoming real.

I am having surgery on Tuesday, Dec. 13 at William Beaumont Hospital in Royal Oak, Michigan with Dr. David Montgomery. Its a posterior suregery, and only my thoric region will be fused. (Yeah, no lumbar!) I did have the luxury of choosing between two hospitals and two surgeons, and chose Mongomery because of his ties with the SRS and recommendations from reps of DePuy. I consider Beaumont the top hospital in the area too, especially for orthopedic issues.

I now need to get hooked up with a hemotologist for clearance prior to surgery. I have a blood clotting disorder, so will be at a higher risk for getting a clot, so that has to be monitored through all of this, in addition to the normal risks.

I am also sorting through all the other stuff. Taking time off work, and arranging short term disability benefits, getting approval from insurance, trying to budget what my out of pocket costs will be, deferring student loan bills... (the list goes on and on!)

This weekend I'll be putting pictures of my back on my website. I just got the developed and it is really hard to see myself that way. I never even knew I had a rib hump to that extent until I saw it for myself in the picture...

Anyways, that is the news for now.

Santa's getting me some instrumentation! Boy, I must have been a good girl!

10-28-2005, 04:04 PM
All right, spine whine, way to go! A nice straight spine and back for Christmas! Plus you'll be recovering through the winter. I am contemplating surgery next summer after my daughter goes through driver's training (so she can drive me) so would be recovering through the beautiful summer months. But at least it would be nice to walk outside!

I'm also contemplating 1st time surgery--t63,L74. My surgery will probably be in Grand Rapids, although I'm going to see if there are any Kalamazoo doctors that my HMO will allow me to consult with. You are right; there are a lot of things to be co nsidered and arrangements to be made.

I have read your website and agree with you that this is probably the right time in your life to get this done. I wish that I'd had it done before starting my family, but with the advances in treatment they have now; it's probably even better a time; plus they can help take care of me!(all over 14).

I'm hoping that I can get a laminectomy for my fusion as I have a rib hump and don't want more hip pain (already sciatica and degenerative) but we haven't got into that much detail yet.

Keep us informed and let us know how you cope with the pain and things up until the big date!


10-28-2005, 06:26 PM
I know it must be a relief for you to have a date for surgery now--I know it was for me when I got my surgery date. Then came the waiting. But for you, with the holidays approaching, etc., the time will go fast. Good luck to you in the meantime and keep us posted. The recovery won't be much fun (take it from me, I am 49) but you are younger than me and you will do great.

10-28-2005, 08:47 PM
That's a popular time for scoliosis surgeries at Beaumont, I think. You'll be misisng my 2 yr anniversary of my op by just two days. :-D

The orthopedic ward at Beaumont was just fantastic when I was there. The only thing I considered less than stellar in my care following my surgery was this absolutely wacko Occupational Therapist who practically flipped out on me when I couldn't get through all the tasks she wanted to accomplish, having been ill all night with paralytic illeus and having JUST come back from the Physical Therapy department and did a lot more walking and stair climbing than in previous days. All the nurses and aides were just wonderful.

The only downside that I encountered to having surgery in the winter is that it made getting around difficult... Always being worried about slipping on the ice, not being real keen on going out in icky weather. But it didn't really disturb the christmas festivities at all... I didn't feel like cooking christmas dinner or anything, but was ok enough to go to dinner, unwrap gifts, etc... on time...

10-29-2005, 04:53 PM
Congratulations on the surgery date! God bless! Kris

10-29-2005, 09:33 PM
Good luck on your upcoming surgery. Hope you will keep us informed of your progress.