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09-21-2005, 10:25 AM
Hi there. I am hoping to find someone here from Saskatchewan Canada, or Calgary, Alberta, Canada, or if someone can direct me to a Canadian Support Forum that'd be great too. The reason that I am looking for this follows:

I am getting married in just over a year. My Matron of Honour has scoliosis. She's had problems since birth. She has had many surgeries and has pulled through everything. And despite all of her struggles she was always there for me and I love her for it. As a result of her health problems associated with Scoliosis she has a portruding left shoulder, protruding right hip and a scar down the middle of her back. She is VERY nervous about walking down the aisle as part of my wedding in front of virtually NO ONE she knows. She thinks they'll stare, she thinks they won't understand. Our friendship is SO Special to me that I would LOVE to find a dress designer that could make THE PERFECT dress for her. Something goldish b/c she wants that colour for our wedding dress. Something that will make her so beautiful and so comfortable she'll forget all those worries. Something simple enough she can wear it again and again. (I'm having a very simple wedding).

If anyone can direct me to someone who could help me with this project, that'd be great. Thank you.

09-21-2005, 10:39 AM
I wish my daughter had a friend like you! I notice on the forum yesterday someone discussing the matter of concealing their scar for formal occasions as you are having, (congratulations, by the way!). She included 2 pictures of her upper back, which show the scar, stitched closed. She apparently uses makeup over her scar when she goes backless. I imagine you could look in the yellow pages or on the net for dress designers. Or, find a seamstress that may be listed on postings around your area. Sometimes word of mouth is best, like through your church. Maybe a dry-cleaners would have someone who does sewing part-time. It might cost a fortune, though. I suppose you definitely want to avoid form-fitting gowns for her. My daughter hates tight feminine clothes, so she has never had to worry about that, luckily. T-shirts and non-clingy clothing is all she ever wears. Maybe A-line dress with a high neckline in back? Good luck! Kris

09-21-2005, 11:04 AM
I found the forum member who talks about concealing her scar. Her name is Gail and I think she posted on revision surgery. You could do a search for Gail. Kris

09-22-2005, 12:29 AM
Thanks a lot Chris. Maybe concealing the scar could be a viable option too. I also found out I have a friend of a friend who's an editorial assistant for the magazine Weddingbells here in Saskatchewan. She's going to look to see if the magazines have any contests that involve make overs that I could maybe enter my friend. She can't promise me anything, she doesn't even know who the judging panel's would be (its apparently usually sponsors and the editors) but I'm a communication specialist, so I think I could produce a really damn special story about our 15 year frienship that would win her the whole makeover...hopefully there's a contest!

In the meantime, she sent my email to the fashion dept. and they emailed me telling me to find a dress for her with cap sleeves, and a shorter skirt with high waist. One that is tight above the hip, with a little crinolin to puff at the hips. This will draw the audience's eyes to her legs instead of her hip and will hide her shoulder and draw attention to her arms. I just thought I'd share that info as fashion advice for anyone who can relate to my friend on the site.

09-23-2005, 12:23 AM
I'm not from Saskatchewan but from Manitoba. I am getting married in exactly one month and can really relate to your friend's concerns about her back. I haven't had my surgery yet (I wish I was sporting a scar and not my rib hump, but I'll make due)

For myself I am wearing my veil low and have a shawl to drap over me for the reception just for that added comfort. (And my matron of honor is pretty far along in her pregnancy so she'll be a nice distraction for my guests! hehe)

After reading your post I thought it might work nice for your friend to have a long scarf the same colour as her dress kind of wrapped around her neck then hanging down her back. It would be dressy and cute. Nothing too constricting (as long as it's a little loose!) That would be to help conceal the scar. The ideas of capped sleeves and the dress that comes out at the hips are awesome.

My dress is a strapless.. which I never though I would be wearing considering my "deformed" shoulder and hump.. but I feel like a princess in it :) It does come out nice at the hips so I look nice and even from the waist down at least!

Just a thought :)