View Full Version : CPP Disability application process

01-30-2004, 08:42 AM
I would be very interested to find out information about how HRDC officials determine whether a person is severely disabled or moderately disabled and would like to know how to qualify for this pension.

I have had my application for disability in the works since April 2003 and have been refused disability even though my family doctor sent a 4 page medical history of my entire health history and indicated that I will not be returning to work at any time in the future.

They sent me a letter denying me this pension which meant that I had to request a review and have more medical information remitted to their office - this has taken me since July of 2003 to process and I am still waiting from my opthamologist to send her report in.

I assume they wanted information from the surgeon who performed my operation in April 2003 - so I've been jumping through all the hoops to satisfy their need for more information, yet I have absolutely zero income and have been this way since April of last year...

Any and all comments would be appreciated.

Thanks - Jane