View Full Version : Short Segment surgery technique?

09-02-2005, 02:52 PM
I read an interesting article in the Spring/Summer 2005 issue of the National Scoliosis Foundation's newsletter "The Spinal Connection". It was about a relatively new surgery technique called "Short Segment Bone-on-Bone". It's a technique which involves fusing a much shorter segment of the spine. It's being done by Dr. Robert Gaines in Missouri. At first I thought it was primarily being done on adolescents' thoracic curves. But I wrote to Dr. Gaines and he assured me that he'd been successfully using the technique on adult lumbar curves. Since I'm not planning on having surgery in the near future, I look forward to learning more about this technique as it matures.

If anyone has any information or insight about this, I'd be very glad to hear about it.


11-03-2005, 12:42 PM
Hi Maxine...

There was quite a bit of discussion about this technique at last week's Scoliosis Research Society annual meeting. What I got from the comments is that many physicians feel that this technique will lead to an increased kyphosis. I thought of you during one rather heated discussion, when one surgeon said something like "I will guarantee this patient will end up back in surgery within a year" during a case presentation where the patient had multiple bone-on-bone segments done, such as would be done in your case.

Obviously, no one will know one way or the other for some years, but it's something to consider.