View Full Version : relief from hip graft pain?

08-30-2005, 02:29 PM
I'm only 6 months post-op but have found on cool, damp days, my hip graft area becomes very sore...almost a burning sensation. Does anyone know of anything that will relieve the pain, other than lying down? I work 8 hours a day at a desk (sitting and standing), so lying down while at work is impossible.
The pain however, makes me unable to concentrate on anything else!


08-30-2005, 10:21 PM
Hey Heidi, I am 16 months post op from my first surgery. 3 months from my second surgery. I have alot of pain in that same area all the time. At times it is like a burning sensation and other times it just plain hurts. I haven't found anything that helps. My pain meds take the edge off so I can at least function. My doctor said it should go away over time. Let me know if you find anything that works.