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08-03-2005, 01:47 AM
Hi all, Im new to this.

Im a 23 yr old male

Im afraid that my post might seem frivolous to the others concerning about strengthing their backs and what not...

I for one enjoy going shirt-less, but am always ashamed to take my shirt off. I was wondering if any one knows of a resort or a company that caters to US, where we be able to enjoy the beach without having to be self-conscience....

Please NO nudist resort...Im not a fan of saggy tatas.

08-03-2005, 12:23 PM
I don't have an answer to your question but I doubt there will be a resort catering to your needs as it is a bit strange. Everyone with scoliosis will have problems with their image but it's just something I think you need to learn to live with. I think the problem is more with confidence than anything and once you learn to deal with that you won't be so self conscious. I am 19 yr old female and have scoliosis and have had surgery so i have protruding ribs as well as a scar but I still go to the beach in a bikini....once you learn to not care about it then it doesn't really matter what other people think..... :)

08-03-2005, 10:40 PM
huh...I never thought I lacked confidence, but your insight now has me thinking... do I act confident to hide the truth about my body?

Anyways, Thanks for these encouraging words.

08-08-2005, 08:45 PM
i think you should take off your shirt and not worry about it. i've had scoliosis all my life and have spent years trying to hide it at the beach. i couldn't enjoy myself because i was worried about what other people were thinking. this year i decided to try a different approach. for about a month before i went swimsuit shopping i worked out a lot. i can't change my scoliosis, but i could get in shape. i worked hard and picked out a cute bikini. i was nervous about wearing it to the lake, but everyone just complimented my nice abs and legs. i don't know if you've had a recent surgery or anything that would limit it, but i found getting in the best shape that my body could be in increased my confidence.

Mary Lou
08-09-2005, 05:55 AM
Don't worry about what other people think. My 14 y.o. daughter had surgery 8 months ago so she has a long scar on her back plus her left shoulder blade still sticks out and she wanted a bikini this year! She wants to show off her scar! We just got back from the beach and she had a great time! While we were there, it was cute, a little boy who was about 10 y.o. was hanging out with her and my husband and he saw her scar. Of course being a curious kid he wanted to know what happened. Being a nice person, she told him the truth. I told her that standing in the ocean would have been a good time to tell him you were attacked by a shark! When she wore her brace I gave her permission to tell noisy people whatever she wanted. She always told the truth. She is just comfortable with her body the way it is.

I hope you can find that as well. Let people stare if they want to. Look at it this way, if people ask you questions and you answer them honestly, you are making people aware of Scoliosis and that's a great thing.

Mary Lou