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07-30-2005, 11:31 PM
So I got my x-ray results back (finally). I have a 20 degree curve in my lower back. I'm on a waiting list to see a specialist 5-7 weeks from now. I guess the x-rays showed that my legs are slightly different lengths so I will be getting some kind of shoes?? ever hear of that? And probably a brace too. I also found out that my grandmother has scoliosis too and over the years it got worse and she now has stomach problems because of it--so there's extra precautions because of heredity. But that all makes sense because I do have problems with my ankles & knees, I just thought it was nothing.

My mom's taking it very seriously and she wants me to be careful until I get in to see the specialist. I have to tell my coaches about it now. It's not something im looking forward to. It seems like noone gets it when you tell them. My dad, well....he thinks it hilarious that my legs are different lengths. He's in disbelief, like "You walk fine. There's nothing wrong. Doctors just overreact."

Can you see a brace under clothing? Am I going to have to wear different clothes if I want to hide it? Not that that's really important but I'm just wondering. I'm a girl that likes to shop ;)

I think [hope] im free from doctors for the next few weeks now. That's nice. I'm really starting to hate being there. Even work is better lol.

By the way, Sammie--you're my officialy my new forum friend :p


07-31-2005, 09:17 AM
If your legs are different lengths you'd be probably given a 'heel lift' to put in your shoe (whichever leg is shorter). It's a small piece of hard plastic (think of a really small insole) usually that will lift the leg up higher to 'balance' you out.

For a lumbar curvature if you do get a brace, they'd probably give you a TLSO type brace such as a Boston. Or they'd perhaps give you a LSO brace which is less rigid then a boston and designed to support/hold the lumbar area only.

I think that getting used to the brace is harder for the brace wearee then for the people around them. You feel self conscious in it to start with and feel that 'everyone can see it' Often people won't notice it......unless they bump into you or are behind you when you bend over.

With a brace you can't wear tops that expose the stomach (of course lol). It takes a bit of experimentation to find clothes and clothes which work for you (ie some people find Jeans comfortable to wear, other's don't) but lol any excuse for a shop. You often need a size bigger to accomadate the brace (but I do know people who wore tighter stuff like they'd normally wear, they were pretty confident and didn't seem to bother them). There's clothes which work well to hide the brace such as hoodies, shirts with funky patterns or unusual tops to draw the attention away from the brace.

lol I was lucky with clothes.....when I was growing up it was the years where little girls wore really girly dresses where you couldn't particularly notice the brace.....not that I cared I thought my 'plastic body' was cool lol......then when I got to early adolescence it was cool to wear big tee-shirts and loose fitting shorts..


07-31-2005, 12:24 PM
Well as Alison already said you can't wear clothes that are high tops. but i really didn't care that much if people asked about my brace so i just wore my regular shirts and sometimes they were baggy but not all of them were. its actually really cool having a brace because you barly ever get hurt (but when you have it off and you run into something it hurts so bad because your not use to pain.) So if you do get a brace tell your friends first and then tell other people if they ask, because if people make fun of you at least your friends know and they can stick up for you. Well i'm glad i'm your new forum friend that really means alot to me. Hope i can help in any way i can. Bye ~Sammie~