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07-29-2005, 10:49 PM
I just found out i have to get a brace .. It is called a Charleston Brace and it is worn at night :( .. Im very scard cuz i just found out i have scoliosis and it all hit me at once.. If you dont no what this brace looks like go to www.orthotic.com/cb.jpg .. Well it like bends you over and stuff and it looks really painfull.. I'm so scard and i was wondering if there was sum1 who has this brace or has one like it ( i dont think there is though ) and if they could tell me how long it took to get use to it.. how uncomfortable it is .. what you can do to get use to it && anything i may need to no !

Jam :o

07-30-2005, 08:57 AM
Hi Jam

I've never worn a Charleston Brace. There's a brace very similar (i've never seen either brace in real life but in pictures they look pretty much identical to me) to the Charleston; called a Providence Brace (here's a picture of the providence if you'd like a squiz)


Have you headed over to Spinekids. http://www.spinekids.com/boards On that site, you'll find a bunch of very friendly and helpful teenage girls (and a few boys to lol) who have scoliosis; there're in various stages of treatment; wait and watch, bracing or surgery. There're very helpful and are good at answering questions and give advice about what it's like to have scoliosis and be a teen too. They also chat about movies, TV shows...anything really.

On the website there's a few girls who either currently wear a Charleston or a Providence or who wore one in the past. They'd be probably be able to give you some good tips and advice.

Thing's I've read about wearing the Charleston/Providence include

:Lots of pillows can be helpful in making you comfortable in bed
: The most comfortable position to sleep in the brace is on your back

Getting a diagnosis of scoliosis is a scary thing...there's no denying that.....and then being told you need to wear a brace can be pretty scary too.....but you will get there....in time you will get used to it and it'll all seem less scary. Really :-)

Best wishes


tru trust
07-31-2005, 01:31 PM
hey jam! ive also nvr wore a charlston but i do have providence.. i jsut got it last week! and i kno it looks scary but its not as bad as what it look like.. the few first nites yur back may be alil sore but it shouldnt hurt..also when u take it off u can almost see your back looking alittle bit better... atleast for me anyway... but if u have ne quiestion on it or wuteva jsut ask me id b glad to answer them!

08-11-2005, 11:07 PM
first of all, calm down. it all seems shocking and scary at first, but it's really ok.
i had a charleston brace that i wore for 1 year. the first night that i had the brace, i couldn't sleep very well because of the discomfort and weird position. but by the end of 1-2 weeks or so, i was used to it mostly and could sleep better. you'll get used to it gradually and then it'll "click" and will be ok.
i used to sleep with 5 or 6 pillows underneath me in order to give me the most comfortable position to sleep in and it worked.-i eventually got used to it and didn't mind it at all.
and i would wear some kind of seamless t-shirt or body sock kind of thing underneath the brace so it doesn't irritate the skin.

hang in there and good luck!!!