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07-28-2005, 06:23 PM
I have a rather silly (but really dying to find out) question. I know the cast guy said it before (but it was very complex), but would anyone be able to identify the "Official Color" of the back brace I've attached in the picture?

I thought the guy said it was something like "gasuage", but no matter how I spell it no color names of that come up on the Internet. I've gone to "Home Depot" (just for color clarification) and gotten like 5-8 paint cards, but none of them really matched the color of the brace.

07-28-2005, 06:41 PM
Hi Wilm,

I have been a Color Technologist for 27 years. I viewed your brace and it is like any other color...it can be called anything you like. For instance, I have developed formulas to dye a green color....several customers would use the same exact color. However, some customers may call it green, some medium green, pine, leaf, grass etc...it's simply a name. Now if you are talking about the hue of color it would be in the red beige category...you could call it nude, oats, sand, dawn etc. Another important thing to remember is your computer monitor only simulates the real color....just like your printer only simulates the original color. The inks in your printer will not match the dyes used to color your brace. You still may be able to match a paint chip found at Wal-Mart, Lowes, Home Depot to your brace with no problems...but the NAME of it is only the name that the Stylist/Designer liked. I actually did an entire color line for a clothing company one time...they didn't want to name any of their colors so I named them all with food names..squash, cabbage, carrot, etc. I hope this helps.

Kindest Regards,