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07-22-2005, 04:07 PM
Hi there...I am 24 years old, married and I have one child. 12 years ago, I found out that I had scoliosis. At that time, the specialist my family doctor sent me to said that the curves probably wouldn't get worse because I was through growing. I have 2 curves which started out in between 25-30 degrees and now they have progressed to 50-55 degrees!
I should have seeked a second opinion, but of course I was just a child, and no one really educated my parents about it. The last time I had my back checked the curves hadn't progressed in about 5 years.
I was told that I could die by one doctor, and told I could live to be 100 by another. Scoliosis is a very contradictive subject.
So here I am with the double curves in the lower 50's, and I haven't had surgery, no treaments whatsoever. I did, however, get one hour of massage therapy which felt GOOD :) I have had one child with no complications, BUT, because of the extreme pain I feel on a daily basis, I've chosen not to have any more children.
I've thought about surgery, and I feel like I would be restricted in movement more then I am now. Actually I have no physical restrictions, just chronic back pain. I also don't have any severe visual deformities. Of course, my hips are uneven, one shoulder is higher then the other, but nothing too severe. It bothers me personally because I sometimes feel like I am a freak.
I have been on my own all this time with no support group, no one who truely understrands what its like to have this condition. My family supports me, but still no one else understands. I hope to become friends with other people on this website, so that we can go through this together.
Please e-mail me at SweetieTurtle614@aol.com or post on here. I can't wait to talk to others.
God Bless!

07-22-2005, 05:22 PM

Nice to meet you.

My situation is somewhat similar to yours. I was diagnosed at 12, I was braced but treatment failed. I opted not to have surgery (which I kind of regret). I had 3 children with no complications and actually felt fine, no problems in 20's and 30's except for mild back ache. Now in early 40's :eek: I am dealing daily with back, hip, neck, shoulder aches and pains. I try to do some yoga and stretching whenever time allows or pain gets too bad. I've found that to be very helpful. With your curves being in the low 50's I wouldn't think it to be a life threatening issue unless your internal organs are being compromised in some way, but I'm certainly no expert.

The decision to have surgery is a personal and comlicated one. After one has surgery, there may be a whole new set of issues to deal with, you just never know. A good doctor will help you weigh all the pros and cons. My son is scheduled for surgery in Dec. so I will be happy to share any information I learn.

08-02-2005, 07:51 AM
I just want to let you know you are not alone, of course :) . I was diagnosed early, and I recieved my first brace when I was 5 years old. My curve is in the mid 30s, and I am about the same as you described.... I have an uneven waist and my shoulders are uneven a bit also. It drives me crazy because when I walk, I can feel that I am not straight, sometimes I even walk crooked.

Having surgery is a personal desicion, which should, of course, be discussed with your doctor. Before deciding, do as much research as you can, and Im sure that people on here who have had surgery will inform you. :)