View Full Version : big S curve but no surgery?

07-22-2005, 01:00 AM
I am 13 y/o, thought to be at the end of growth (never in a brace :) ) w/ a S curve top curve is 40something, bottom is 50something. i am in constant pain everyday :mad:, i have to crack my back almost every 5 minutes because it helps the pain some, does anyone else have pain? crack? and i have a slight bump on my left side in the middle close to spine. My doc hasnt even mentioned surgery which i find very hard to believe because all of my research tells me that 50 basically means surgery BUT my doc says that my curves cancel each other out and that my pain wouldnt likely be fixed thru surgery anyway?! :confused: should i get a second opinion? my next appt isnt until Sept but we are hoping to move it up to ASAP because of my pain. i have had a major surgery before (not on back) so i am not scared of surgery, but i am scared about my pain and also organs and breathing down the road. thanks for reading :)

08-02-2005, 08:06 AM
Well, having surgery is another whole thing of itself. Research it more, so that if you do decide to have it you know what to expect.

:eek: don't crack your back yourself! It feels good because it releases these chemicals, which you feel for a few moments and then the pain returns. This means that, if you twisted your neck all the way around to crack it (don't try this, you'll break it) it will probably actually feel good for a few seconds. Cracking your back yourself causing subluxation by disaligning your vertabrae. The "pop" you hear is your vertebrae moving into a pocket of air. It's like a bubble popping. Cracking your back can lead to more pain, because of scuh things like pinched nerves or muscle spasms etc. Don't do it! Go to a chiropractor instead, they are professional, it feels good, and it IS good for you.

For your pain, try some exercises and stretches. If you think the pain is in your muscles, then stretching and strengthening them should help. Try yoga or pilates, they have very good effects and definately ease pain. I believe that yoga is more preferred, pilates focuses mroe on strengthening and toning and yoga focuses on a strong, flexible body and inner peace. Its worth a try :o