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01-21-2004, 06:20 PM
I know some doctors come on here and I kind of just want to know people's opinion. I am 15, almost 16. I had scoliosis surgery about two and a half years ago. I play soccer and basketball for my high school. I want to play football. I am really good at wide receiver. The football coach, already a close friend of mine, has suggested me trying out for the team this june. All I have to do is gain so weight which is not a problem. I told my parents what I was doing and they took it as a joke. Now they have seen that I am serious and they're doing everything to crush my hopes of making the team. Including not letting me work out and run and drink nutrient drinks. Last night, They told me I could not play and they said one bad hit could kill me. Which I'm not saying is true but I want to live for what can happen not would could. Yes, I could get hit and be parlyzed, or I can get an 20 yard catch for a touchdown against a rival team. I am not saying the risks are not there they are but I would much rather just love to play the game. I'm just a teenager who doesn't think straight and doesn't have my future at mind. Which is not true. I have a colleges looking at me for soccer and basketball and thats enough for me. But I want to play football for the fun of it, not the seriousness of going to college or pro. So if I can get hard truth that if I go and play football for my team then I will get paralyzed or something of the sort. Then I won't play. But I have not found any hard knowledge of that yet. I've heard about it in rugby yes, but thats not football. So if you've heard anything please post it and I'll check it out. thanx, and oh, yeah I dont think I said this I'm a girl. cya