View Full Version : Riley's New News

megan gilbride
05-19-2005, 02:06 PM
So, at 15mo. we are getting somewhere, hopefully. We went to ortho. yesterday for another x-ray and we have a 67 degree rigid curve. He said there is a 3 degree margin of error. The curve has not gotten any worse or any better since birth. She has a left thoracic and a right thoraco lumbar (whatever that means). Then we were cast to make a brace. The brace should take 2 weeks to get here. It is white, plastic, completely water-proof, adjustable, and will be properly cut out for her g-tube. We hope to only be wearing it for 3mo. It does go from under her arms to the top of her hips and will having padding to prevent sores. It sure is going to be an adjustment being as it is so HOT down here in Houston,Tx during the next 3mo. She also had her 15mo. check up and is 32in. and 21pds. doing well for being a preemie. Hope everyone is doing well.