View Full Version : scoliosos correction by kinesiology????

05-09-2005, 01:40 AM
Has anyone heard of a patient being corrected by kinesiology?

My 12 year old daughter has Kyphoscoliosis and we are seeing Dr Tredwill this month for our first visit. (She is "mild" at the moment - 10 degree curvature, but does appear very round shouldered)

My 35 year old brother mentioned to me today that he is treated by a Chinese Kinesioliogist here in Vancouver and that the K'gist has corrected his Scoliosis that he was diagnosed with at aged 12! I had totally forgotten about my brother having scoliosis as it never progressed and was never treated at it wasnt very noticeable. Looking at his absolutely perfect posture today I realise that this "perfection" has only appeared in the last few years since he has been seeing the K'gist (who does more Chinese medicine - than western)

Any thoughts on this, and should i take my daughter to see this practitioner, as I understand that they dont brace at this early stage?

05-09-2005, 06:11 PM
Is your daughter's curve congenital?
Back in 2002, i too had congenital kyphoscoliosis and Dr. Brown along with Dr. Tredwell, Dr. Reilly as a team assesed me with a 10 degree curve. They say bracing is not useful for my thoracolumbar curve. Now it's 47+ right scoliosis t7-t11 and lumbar curve + thoracic lordosis and lumbar kyphosis.

I'm not sure of kinesiology. But all the alternative therapy sites like yoga, those back treatment sites that cost alot and seems to work, etc seem to mention improving idiopathic scoliosis only and not congenital.