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04-15-2005, 06:30 PM
Wow. I am beyond shocked. I knew that there was something not right with my back, and I thought that I would have to have a little surgery to fix it, but now I find out that I will be have TWO more! These will be my 7 and 8 surgery! The first will be posterior and the second will be about a week later and anterior. Both my rods are broken between L4-5. Again, I have phusedoarthrosis in L4-5. I am in extreme pain but that is nothing new! This is what they will be doing in the first surgery. It will be about 10-12 hours. Hummm, they are going to take out my rods that are T8-sacrum, over to my ileum and both my SIs. Thankfully they are not doing anything more to me SIs. I am fused T2- down. They are going to extend my rods back up to T2. I used to have rods there but they were bothering my back and they were doing another spinal surgery, and that area was solid so they took them out and lowered them to T8 down. Then they are going to redo my fusion. The rods are going to be thicker and they are going to replace some screws and add new ones. How they can add more screw is a mystery. I already have over thirty in there now, oh, I guess with the rods being longer they can squeze in about 14 more. I may be missing a few details but that is the first one. The second one is going to be anterior. I have had only one anterior surgery before. Last time they went in on the right and now they are going in from the left. I guess I will have matching scars. They go from and inch before my belly button to an inch before my spine. My back scar goes from my nect to into my butt crack, sorry, there is no other way to put it. Anyway, back to my anterior one, the will fuse the front of L4-5. They are going to be doing a bunch of other stuff but I can't remember right now. It will only be about 7-8 hours, so that is not bad. I have had a good run, it has been eight months since my last spinal, so I have been able to have some fun. I will be going to do it in about a month or so. It is one of these things that needs to be done soon, but not this very second. I have had ones where they find something and I am in the next day! I have had many surgeries like this before, and I know that the recovery is going to long, hard, and very painful. Right now I am on low dose narcotic that I wear in a patch, and some other pain killers. I just turned 18 and am only a junior in high school. Next year is my senior year and I want to be there at the beginning of the year, but now I know I will be lucky if I start half days in October. I haven't done a first day of school since grade 9, because of all mr surgeries. Has anyone ever had eight spinal surgeries? I would really like to know how you all deal with it I know this is the adult forum, but the kids on the board have not been through anything like this, and you all have. Sorry this post is so long but I just had to get it out. When I found out that I needed two more surgeries I was shocked to say the least. I think I took it so hard because I was not expecting something so serious. I now call my surgeries little 'nip tucks' because I've found they only was to get through this is to joke about it. I would really love advice and tips to get through this, and if anyone has any questions, I have been through everything under the sun so just ask!

04-15-2005, 09:02 PM
Hey Froggybee19,

Sorry to hear that you need more surgeries!!! Hopefully this will be your last. I know that you have probably thought that before but one of these times it has to come true. I don't think that I have heard of anyone on this forum that has had that many surgeries. I am going in June 2nd for my second round. I had anterior/posterior surgery last April. I know for me the more I talk about it the easier it is to accept and to deal with it. Even just putting your thoughts and words on here helps to relieve some of the stress and worries. I feel if I can get the ideas and thought out by talking or writing on here I'm releasing some of the aniexty. I wish you lots of luck on your surgeries and pray that this will be the one that fixes it all.

04-17-2005, 10:35 PM
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