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dolores a
02-14-2017, 11:42 AM
Hi all, the usual, have not posted in a while, but do check in on the posts. Have been feeling pretty well except for neck and shoulder issues, but last Saturday thought I was coming down with the flu, my back was very achey and had a bad cold. Well the achiness turned excruciating, so bad, my husband wanted to take me to the hospital. This pain, the excruciating part of it would come in waves, every 10 to 15 minutes. The location was strange, it ran across where the back of my bra strap in the back rests and also across the small of my back and down the leg a bit and also under my right shoulder. Finally this past Friday I had an appointment with a spine surgeon (mine doesn't take my insurance anymore). The new doctor took xrays, and gave me a script for steroids and an MRI and cat scan.

Either the steroids helped, or it has just eased up a bit. Won't have results if tests for at least a day. Has anyone experienced this sudden overwhelming pain?


02-14-2017, 07:16 PM
Has anyone experienced this sudden overwhelming pain?

Hi Dolores, I hate to admit it, but yes. There is this mystery virus that everyone has now, its been a ROUGH month. I am blaming the virus. It affects the muscles and soft tissues.

Since we are roughly 9 years now, can we have something go wrong? 9 years is a long time.....I hate to think these thoughts.....

Lets hope the pain passes and spring comes sooner!

I just looked and both of us registered here on the same day. 05/18/08. I was just coming out of the woods after my surgeries at that point....


dolores a
02-15-2017, 05:04 PM
You might be right about this virus going around, even out here on Long Island Ed. Received a call today with the results of my cat scan and MRI, they said there is no evidence of non fusion whatsoever; just arthritis and osteoporosis, of which I will discuss with the doctor at my appointment.

It's funny Ed, I do check in on the posts quit often and compare myself to members who have had similar fusions, and it seems that a lot that you have experienced, I have also gone through such as having my gall bladder removed and the neck and shoulder issues.

Thanks for your caring support and fine sense of humor on this forum for so many years!