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03-14-2005, 08:35 PM
I have a sister that had fusion surgery as a 14 yr. old. 18 months ago when I was giving birth to my son the anesth. asked me if I knew that I have scoliosis when he was inserting the needle. Now I am worried that I have a slight hump on one side of my back. I think I was watched as a child......numerous athltetic sports exams in high school and I am sure my pediatrician knew of my sister's problem?
What steps do I take? Is it pretty bad that the anesth. could tell I had a curvature just by doing my epidural?
I do not have trouble with pain or any symptoms.
Live in St. Louis, MO.
Any Dr. recommendations from anyone???

03-14-2005, 08:50 PM
Hi! You could search on the special feedback about physicians part of the board for doctors in your area. This forum is a great resource and I'm sure you will get a lot of info here.

If you are at all worried - and since the anaesthesiologist obviously seemed pretty sure he could see scoliosis - you should get a referal to an orthopedic specialist. I don't think necessarily the curve is big just because he could see it. My sister is 38 and a physio just told her she has a really slight double curve - I have seen my sister's back many times, and I never saw one, even though I have scoliosis myself and know what to look for. Also, I think if you are particularly thin it might be easier to notice.

It is great anyway that you don't have any pain! That's the most important thing!!

Good luck getting some info. All the best, Laura\

03-14-2005, 09:51 PM
Hi Sarah...

You should have your primary care doctor check you first. The vast majority of people with scoliosis do not require any treatment. And, I can give you the names of two great doctors in St. Louis (Keith Bridwell and Lawrence Lenke), but I suspect you'd need a referral to get it to see them.


03-20-2005, 03:59 AM
hi sarah, I am 30, i recently found that my spine slightly curve and have a tilt in the waistline. i feel more back pain than before. I've not seen doctor yet but i think that are the Signs of Scoliosis. :( :(

03-26-2005, 12:46 PM
Hi..I found this board searching for some answers from the internet..About a year ago I noticed a knot where my right collar bone is...it was painful at times but nothing to really alarm me...2 weeks ago i noticed the rest of my collar bone on that side had grown evenly with what I had tought was the knot...Evidently it wasnt a knot...My right collar bone is now putruding...When I became a teen ager and my breast began to develope it became noticable that one breast was larger then the other...My mother always told me it was normal that alot of women had this problem...I grew up thinking I had a condition known as Pigeon Breast ( thats what my mother told me it was) I wish I had looked Pigeon Breast up on the internet sooner because thats not what I have at all...When a women has Pigeon Breast her rib cage sticks out father then the breast...my uneven breast ..collar bone..ribs and a bulding of a muscle in my thigh all lead me to Sceleosis..I have not seen a doctor yet to be diagnosed it is a holiday so I must wait til Monday and make an appointment...I also have other problems such as depression..irritable bowel and kidney problems..from what I have read all of which is linked to Sceleosis....Its nice to have a place to go and discuss things like this...At the moment my family is under alot of stress with my sister being sick and dont want to burden them with my new found worries..I know self diagnos is not a answer but could you guys plz tell me what you think...ty all and god bless you :)

03-26-2005, 01:30 PM
srry im new here and think i posted in the wrong section :)