View Full Version : Tibial Plateau Fracture along with Major Scoliosis

01-22-2017, 09:11 PM
14 years ago I broke my rt. knee in an avalanche accident while snowmobiling in Canada. I ended up having surgery on it 2 weeks later after the swelling went down. I had 3 screws put in to fix it. A year later the screws had to come out as my leg was not as mobile with bending. The last several years, my knee has made popping noises while going up stairs. Since my back started bothering me more the last 6 months, I pretty much quit bending as much and go down on my knees to make up for it. I'm guessing the stress is/has taken its toll on my rt knee as it's bothering me more now and hurting.

Oh the joys of bone problems!

01-23-2017, 08:07 PM
As a lifelong skier, I have been very lucky that I have not hurt my knees. Destroy the spine is ok, but not the knees, thatís no good.

We have had 3X the normal amount of snowfall here for January and itís the 23rd of the month. We have had around 25 feet of snow in 23 days.

Homewood is reporting 6 feet in 3 days

We have the goods.


01-24-2017, 08:38 AM

It sounds like you get as much snowfall as we get rain down here.

I dug out my old knee thingy that I had back in my 20's and am using it for a little stability. A great company from Idaho makes it called RU Outside. Look them up, you might like some of their winter products and apparel. I see the scoliosis specialist first then the knee specialist now.

Now I'm wondering which will need to be fixed first. My back is stiff but I'm not having the leg issues other than the knee hurting. I'm really wanting to avoid spine surgery and was hoping to avoid knee surgery but time will tell.