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12-18-2016, 04:26 PM
Hello--this is my first time posting on the surgical side - I've been on the non-surgical side since 2009 after learning about my 50 curve and managing it non-invasively, which continues to be a challenge, although my recent upper cervical chiropractic treatment along with a standup desk at work have helped. However, when I started this chiropractic treatment the wonderful practitioner insisted on seeing my x-ray to determine if I was born like this or not. Well of all fascinating news, he learned and told me I have a hemivertebrae. Now I have known I had scoliosis since I was 12 and seen two surgeons, then and recently. Then, I wore the Boston brace in 1979. So... I was very shocked at this news have a never been told this before. So I got on the phone and called my surgeon, who promptly returned my call from the surgery room. Yes, he confirmed, I have congenital scoliosis. "So isn't there a way you can take this out?" I asked. He said no, the treatment is the same (a long fusion which he has advised me to wait til I'm 60 - I'm 50 now- -or can't function well). Well what if they had discovered this earlier I asked. Like 12? He said they probably would've had to take it out when I was a baby. My mother, as shocked as I was, confirmed that the doctor at the White Plains hospital who delivered me did not detect this during the normal exams.

I have been searching online to find someone who might treat the hemivertebrae, without much success. This brings me to the forum to announce this turn of events, and to ask for any leads or tips. I'd love to have the culprit of my severe curve removed, excised. If not I may ask my surgeon if he might study this further. Attached is my last exam summary. Thank you for your interest. 1922