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09-25-2016, 07:31 PM
hey every one how are doing
My back is doing fantastic.
i been having having problems with my foot and ankle again. it started from a fall i had on Sept 14 my bad foot got stuck in a area of my garden between my house and a piece of wood. my bad foot wasn't hurting at the time my left side crashed on bricks. then the next day i had a appt with my GP. i told him about my fall that happened the day before. mainly my left side was hurting. then on Wednesday sept 21 bowling for special olympics started. during the night of Wednesday the pain started flaring up. on Thursday the 22nd my foot was hurting so bad after my walk with my friends from my art class. like a around 10:30 or 11:00 my foot was hurting from the the fall i had the week before i told my teacher that my foot was bothering me i asked if i could call my mom. he said yes. so i told my mom that my foot was hurting see said that might need to make a another appt. i so i called my dad if i made a appt about my foot if he could take me. he said yes but it would have be in the afternoon. so i called to try to make it with my GP. but they said he didnt have any opening for that day or for the next 3 weeks. so i left a message for his nurse case manger i don't what it was called. so after a little while i think before lunch time she called me and said that His NP had a opening a 2:15. so i took it. so i called my dad and told him the time my appt was. the NP look at my foot he said i probley just sprained it but he order x-rays to be on the safe side. i got a call yesterday about my x-ray they said they look normal. i was thinking how can you guys say that when my foot has been deformed like that shince i was a newborn.
i know it was sprained all along. so i go back next week if my pain it getting better which i not really getting better.

09-25-2016, 08:00 PM
Hi Kara. I'm sorry you have this foot problem. I'm glad your X-ray didn't show a broken bone. Hopefully your foot will feel a little better each day.


09-25-2016, 08:54 PM
Hi Kara,

I am so sorry you hurt your foot/ankle.

I wanted to mention that it can take a very long time for those injuries to heal if it is soft tissue. The x-ray ruled out a bone break so that's good.

I was running next to my horse and jammed my ankle in February. It hurt and was not back to normal until this month if you can believe it. I didn't even roll the ankle, just somehow jammed it. My personal trainer said that some injuries to the ankle actually make the ankle feel different forever. I would say my ankle is 100% but still feels different than the other one.

So I am saying it may take months for you to feel better. I took pain meds and wore a brace for a while. See if your doctor thinks those things or other things would help you.

Good luck.


09-27-2016, 06:06 PM
when i run to help my sister i think it adverted the pain from the sprained foot and ankle

10-02-2016, 09:01 PM
I had 2 apptments for my foot and ankle last week. i dont really remember what was said.
I had a appt with my GP on 9/29 for my foot and ankle. As I was following my dr's nurse I slipped a little bit. She asked me if I was ok. I said yes but I slipped a little. When I stepped on the scale I was feeling a bit off balanced. My blood pressure the 1st time she took it was 152 I asked her to recheck it. This time it was 136. She asked me what my pain was I told her between 4 and 5. She then told me to to take off the ace wrap. After A little while my Dr came in to the room. He asked how I was. I said was ok. He then examined my foot. He said he wants me to conuite to wear the ace wrap. He also said that he wants to see me back in two weeks. I can of already know the next course of action he going to refer me to a podiatrist. my mom bought me a ankle stabilizer because the ace bandage got stuck in the door the other day. i go back on the 12

10-03-2016, 05:43 AM
Well Kara, it will be interesting to hear what the podiatrist says.

Good luck.

10-06-2016, 12:17 AM
thanks Sharon
plus i had this problem since the day i was born.

10-08-2016, 09:54 PM
last night i stepped down wrong on my bad foot

10-08-2016, 09:57 PM
Are you wearing a brace?

10-09-2016, 01:55 AM
Yes I'm wearing wear a brace. I was also wearing it when I steped down

10-09-2016, 06:34 AM
Do you have a deformity with your foot. Like Charcot Foot? You said you've had a problem since birth.


10-09-2016, 02:40 PM
Tamena no it not that deformity.
I have a cavus foot and metatarsus adductus

10-13-2016, 01:44 AM
I had a appt with my GP today. asked how my i was doing. I said i was fine. i told he that my foot was seeming to get better but last Friday i couldn't fine my glasses so during the middle of the night when taking a short break from something i stepped down wrong on my bad foot. my mom told him that i do have braces for my shoes but i don't like wearing them because they really hurt my feet. she also said i saw a foot and ankle specialist in the past. my mom asked me what his name was I told her Dr Giza. then mom mom said the same the Dr Giza at UC Davis. My Dr ordered more x-rays. im going to get x-rays done tomorrow after i get out of my art program. I think my Dr is going to send me back to UC Davis for my foot. he going to give me a call regardless what the X-rays say.

10-13-2016, 11:20 AM
Kara didn't you have surgery on a foot? Is this the same foot?

10-14-2016, 04:26 AM
yes Sharon i already had a surgery on my right foot that is completely different from my congenital foot deformity that also effect that same foot. that surgery was the help to heal a stubborn fracture that wouldn't heal on it own. the bad part about that break was where the deformity is

10-25-2016, 08:22 PM
i got my x-ray results back. they still say my foot looks normal. i was thinking excuse me my foot isnt normal because i have hindfoot varus with pes cavus and metatarsus adductus...

10-26-2016, 07:21 AM
Kara I assume he means there are no breaks.

10-30-2016, 01:33 AM
good point sharon