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08-15-2016, 08:48 PM
I can hardly believe it has been that long. I think the most dramatic improvement has been the last 2 weeks. Yet, it still is slow. I had a crazy nightmare 2 weeks ago that I had to go back in for surgery! It was so vivid. I feel very grateful that my recovery has even pretty straightforward, except of course that I have double vision and a lazy eye. This too, should heal, I can only hope every day.

My hairdresser came to the house and trimmed and colored my hair, which I would highly recommend. I feel like a different person! My low back hurt pretty bad towards the end so I was glad I didn't attempt going to see her. I found a new at-home physical therapist and hopefully will start up again. I am swimming every night, but not normal swimming. I either walk around, tread water, or kick holding on to a deep-end step. Followed with a sit in the hot tub, it feels great.

Sleeping is still a nightmare. Last night I was still wide awake at 2:30am! I finally took a Xanax and fell asleep. I am hoping this starts to get better. I am so groggy in the morning and next week the kids go back to school and I need to be up by 5:45am. Ugh.

Is there still pain? Yes, for sure. It is getting better though. I like your theory of 10 percent a month Ed! I promise, the handicap placard is only for school drop-off and pick-up!i will walk otherwise :) It is 113 degrees here today, ready for Fall!!


08-15-2016, 10:09 PM
Hi Jana.
I feel the same as you. Not sleeping much, tired all the time. I rarely leave the house and when I do, I'm pretty tired & sore when I get home. I walk 4 times a day, 15 to 20 minutes per walk. I do a few things around the house but I still lay down several times a day.

I had my hair cut & colored 5 days after I got home. I went to the shop, but she cut it first then did the color (reverse order). I set my timer on my watch then came home & showered the color off myself. There was no way I would have lasted all that time in her shop. I looked pretty ridiculous when my friend drove me home with foils & a plastic hair net!

I keep reminding myself of everyone else's post about being tired for 6 months. That seems like a long time, but on Friday I will be 33% of the way! Only 67% left!

My legs still hurt a lot. I don't know if it is from walking or if they would hurt anyway. It's the front of my thighs so I think it's from the surgery. I wish that would go away soon.

We need to just keep on trucking! Every day is one day closer to feeling better!


08-15-2016, 10:31 PM
Kathy, I am sure not leaving the house either. It is nuts to think over the last 9 weeks I've only left the house probably 5-6 times. I get too panicked if I can't be somewhere I can lay down. That is the only position to take the pressure off my back.

I talked to my surgeon's nurse today about the knife-in-low-back pain and she said pain should be much better by 3 months but he doesn't worry too much until after 6 months. A lot of patience! Have you thought about driving? I think about it but I can't sit up and could not remotely look to change a lane.

I still have lots of soreness too. I don't even like to touch my back because it is still so numb. You are walking lots! Do you walk with a cane when you go out?

08-16-2016, 08:26 AM
Hi, Jana.
I don't drive yet. I have been off all narcotics for around 10 days so I might be cleared to drive, but I'm not even asking my doctor because I don't have the confidence to drive. Like you said, I can't even sit as a passenger very long, so I know being in the driver position would not be good. And yeah - the thought of having to look over my shoulder to change lanes - I can't imagine doing that yet!

I'm lucky in that our kids are grown and gone so I don't have to take care of anyone right now. My husband and I own an IT Services company and I've only ever worked part time. I can remote in from home and get some things done. When I need to do something at the office, he's been taking me at night when no one is there.

I'm the same in that I don't want to be anywhere that I will have to lay down in public. My friends have offered to take me to lunch or dinner, but I always decline. I suggest they bring the meal to my house as I don't want to be in public feeling bad.

I'm starting to ease into my routine of life at home and not going anywhere! When I get really stir crazy my husband will take me somewhere for a short time. He sometimes comes home to work in the afternoons and he'll go on my walks with me then and in the evening. I do have my days where it seems long and lonely being home all day, but I keep reminding myself WHY that is how how great I will feel when this is all over!

But, I will say, reading the posts about broken rods and the pain of that scares me! I'm so afraid I will do something wrong and cause a big problem!


08-16-2016, 08:54 AM
Hi, Jana.
I forgot to say that when I walk I don't walk with any aids. I do wear my brace when I walk because I'm afraid if I tripped or something at least I'd have that support. But, when I walk with my husband lately I haven't been wearing my brace. Dr. Perra said I need to wean myself off the brace so now I don't wear it at all in the house. I only wear it when i get in a car or when I do some of my walks. I am able to walk upright, pumping my arms and I try to walk a little faster than a normal pace.

I try to remember what Ed has posted several times to new surgery people: Walk straight - like you have a book on your head!


08-16-2016, 09:30 AM

can I just say well done to you both. I have been on hol so just catching up with posts.

can I ask what finally drove you to have the surgery?

I am 55 and live in UK - my scoliosis is progressing- I have 3 curves thoracic 59, lumbar 47 and cervical 49. I have just cancelled my recent appointment after learning that my consultant is not even going to be in the building. I have never seen him since I am on NHS but am monitored every 6 months. The person that I see ( not a consult and different each time ) usually leaves the room to discuss with consult, so as he was not going to be there I thought it was a waste of my time. My curve is progressing but the fusion would be from t1 - s1 and they think I am too good at the moment to do it as I will lose mobility.

I just do not know when to make a decision- sometimes the pain drives my thoughts but on other days I cope. I just worry about 20 years time.

08-16-2016, 10:02 AM
The reason I went ahead with surgery was due to pain. I had a lot of leg pain from compressed nerves due to stenosis and alot of other spine issues. I was unable to walk around the block without being in severe pain. I couldn't stand or sit for very long. So, obviously, my life was very affected by my degeneration. If I didn't do something, I would have probably been somewhat housebound and probably in a wheelchair to do anything in public.

I just decided that I was too young for that type of life and I 100% trusted my surgeon. I had been reading on this forum for about a year before I became a member and started asking my own questions. With what I learned on this forum (which was 98% of my knowledge!!) and from multiple discussions with my surgeon I decided that it was time. I knew it wouldn't be easy, but to put my life on hold for 12 months was well worth being (for the most part) pain free for the rest of my life!

I am 7.5 weeks post op, and at this point, I am very glad I had surgery. So far I haven't had any complications, just the usual aches and pains. I know I have a long way to go before I can feel confident that I might be one of the "lucky ones" that has minimal complications, but for the time being I'm being positive about that.

So, for me, the decision was driven primarily by pain.

I hope this helps!


08-16-2016, 10:16 PM
I decided to have surgery because my curves were progressing and I knew that the pain was not far behind. I had days my back hurt, but it wasn't enough to stop me. I was really afraid of seeing my curves move past 70 degrees, which can start impacting heart and lung function. Ironically, the six months before surgery I started feeling discomfort and back pain on a daily basis. I know it was the right time for me. Also, I was able to avoid being fused to sacrum by having it now versus waiting until my 60's. Honestly, once I knew I had to have surgery, I just wanted to get it over with. It took 2.5 years from the first meeting with my spine surgeon before I actually had surgery so I had plenty of time to research and read all the threads on this forum! It was such a help! Good luck on your journey!