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03-15-2016, 06:47 AM
I have been ill for a bit- I come back and find the thread that loosely started about the 2 girls and their x-rays and Scolismart CLOSED.

If people don't want to read stuff then don't. Pooka1 is right- the forum is quiet. A thread like this- yes with its raging arguments - is INFORMATIVE for others. IT HELPS to be able to formulate ones ideas and to express them. Without this NOTHING changes. Don't read it if you don't want to - it is clear enough who is posting and where to avoid stuff.

I can challenge Scolismart so much more effectively when armed with Pooka1's definition of evidence and proof etc. And yet the thread is closed. We are not children... Debate is important.

By the way I have contacted the HARMS group ( set up to protect Scoliosis information etc.) and they are going to investigate Scolismart and their claims. The closed thread had moved way off this specific topic but so what...

and its not as if anyone else is posting... Facebook is just burgeoning...

I am so cross that mods are treating us like children... its like a closed group on Facebook

03-15-2016, 08:19 AM
Welcome back Burdle. I am sorry to hear you were ill.

Although this group is moderated, the moderation is fairly light.

But I totally agree with you that people should control what they read, not what others write. I have never really understood the concept of adults wanting other adults to control what they read.

What FB groups are hopping that you like (that are not closed groups!).

03-15-2016, 09:55 AM
Scoliosis UK is an open group- it is moderated. The trouble is that there is no concept of a thread and so people just jump in and make all sorts of claims or requests etc.

What surprises me is that they do not use the dedicated forums so much now

03-15-2016, 03:36 PM

So sorry you were ill. I hope you are better.

That thread had digressed to the point that it was no longer productive. The information there at the beginning is all that there was going to be on that subject, which if you search, there are several other threads on the subject. I don't know if they are closed or not.

When it gets hateful, as in the case of the OP, no one can say anything without being attacked. I wrote several commentaries about logic, myself, and even mentioned on that thread that what was already there could be helpful to others. There was just a person on there that continually derailed any meaningful conversation. If you would like to know more or pick up where the meaningful content left off, feel free to start another thread. Those of us involved in the thread would be more than happy to join in. Hopefully, the person that derailed their own thread won't chime in and derail yours. That's a risk we take. But, again, there's no reason you can't take whatever information you were interested in and start a new thread every time if it keeps getting derailed.

All the best,