View Full Version : The IS cause in adults and non surgical possibilities

02-07-2016, 11:35 PM
If we understand a cause as something provoking/allowing the problem, if we know it and we know how to make it disappear, then we know how to solve the problem. But which problem is provoked by this IS cause? First we need to know what means the IS cause. For everyone, this cause is the first event in the cause-effect chain leading to a curve, so the corresponding problem is about people not born yet that will have scoliosis if nothing can avoid it. Is clear why scientist (fortunately not all of them) seems to be interested in helping only that people, trying to discover something as a vaccine, that also could help born people if the first event was not triggered yet. And probably to people not developing yet an enough big curve. But also people with such curve (them or their sons) seems to be only interested in that first event. In teens and even in kids with a significant curve, if what the first event provokes could be stopped (anterior vertebral overgrowth for instance) there are anyway clear physics and biological laws, that is, other causes, leading the curve to increase.
Surely a great imagination is needed to imagine how knowing this kind of cause may help adults. Is clear which is the IS cause in adults: The tissues alteration.
This is the cause, the current cause, if it would be possible to replace all the altered tissues by normal tissues, then the curve would not exists anymore. In kids surely it would not be true, if tissues were normalized, surely the causes during growth would create the curve again. At least it would be extremely difficult to imagine how all the causes increasing the curve during growth may persist during adulthood if tissues were normalized, except if the degenerative scoliosis cause (disc degeneration?) would be also the IS cause.. (was this hypothesis discarded?)
Current alternative methods does what they can to restores tissues to their normal state, or improving it in order to fight against gravity force, but researchers don't seems to be interested in knowing which are the restoring tissues possibilities in adults. What may be more incredible that increasing adults height? And they found the way to do it, making the legs REALLY longer, virtually growing again taking into account the Wolff's law. Maybe I didn't do a good search, but I only read about facts making it something really difficult and except the stem cells articles and some about bone remodeling, I found few articles about facts leading to think how to revert this IS adult cause. If it would be possible (in a significant percentage), IS would not be something so terrific as it is.