View Full Version : Hoping to get back to physical activity

01-27-2016, 05:13 PM
Hi all,
I apologize I haven't been on the forum in a long time- i'm hoping for advice because this whole recovery has been bewildering for me. I had surgery two years ago and I've been in pain since (bad nerve pain- back and hip/butt). I've seen a lot of doctors and gotten many injections to try and figure out where the source of the pain is. I have probably multiple things going on trochanteric bursitis maybe, piriformis syndrome maybe, SI joint dysfunction, definitely have a snapping hip. None of this present before the surgery. I guess my body just didn't adjust well to the new alignment.

I've been in PT a couple times. Four month stretches at a time. Helpful to a point but then I plateaued. I can't get back to any aerobic activity because it irritates the hip. My problem is that doctors tend to want to pass me off to spine speialists. I'm debating seeing a sports medicine guy at Johns Hopkins but they (staff) warned me that he doesn't deal with spine issues and that I could bring the hip x-ray but they didn't know if he could help me.

I fear I'll never get the secondary issue taken care of because I can't find the right doctor. Does anyone have any experience similar to this? My pain management guy admitted that I have so much going on it's out of his depth. He recommended me to a hip guy who said never got a handle on snapping hip syndrome so couldn't help me. I guess all that's left would be a sports medicine guy? Any advice appreciated!