View Full Version : Does thoracic fusion get rid of the floating unstable feeling in the concave rib

08-31-2015, 12:32 AM
I often get this feeling in my concave rib(the steep one) as opposed to my rib hump of it feeling like it is floating, rickety and weak(as if I am incredibly underweight on one side of my body). When someone pats the concave part of my back, I can feel the force of the impact in my lungs not just the muscle, it is very sensitive compared to my right side(rib hump) which feels the opposite(strong and sturdy). When I feel weak and floaty on my left side, usually a good yoga thoracic twist with rotational breathing(schroth) makes it feel better and more intact of where it should reside inside the body, but I have to do this often throughout the day.

Now I've seen many thoracic fusion before and afters, and one thing I've noticed is the concave rib stays concave even after surgery. Only the rib hump has lessened. I am wondering if anyone here post op with a thoracic deformity like mine still feel the same one side is very weak and floaty symptoms after surgery when their concave rib stays concave and flat like it did when they were pre-op instead of round and convex like how a rib should be shaped? Or is the floating weakened feeling due to the actual "S" curve and looseness of the scoliosis itself + the trunk shift that get's corrected straight after surgery as the rods keep the ribs intact and inplace.

I am trying to figure out if the feeling I have is due to the rotation and twisting of the spine causing the concave rib to be very steep which surgery will not fully correct OR is due to the trunk shift and "S" coil shaped spine which surgery will most likely fully correct.

Thank you for your time.