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07-27-2015, 03:20 PM
I had surgery in Australia in 2005, it was done by Dr. Cree in Australia. In March of that year he did a cervical fusion to free up my spinal cord. In December he did a sacrum to T8. He was supposed to go to T3 because I had an S curve, but he did not. He told me I was bleeding too much. At the time he told me that maybe my upper curve would resolve itself, but it did not. Not surprising since I was 50 at the time. I did not seek more surgery until 3 years later, when my head began to come forward and I started to develop kyphosis in my upper back. I saw Boachie when visiting NYC and he said he would finish the surgery, but I did not have US insurance at the time. When I moved back to the US I saw Lenke who refused to do surgery. He said that I would not like the results, I wouldn't have any "leverage" and the risks were too great. Hostin said the same thing, but later agreed to do some surgery. I am not sure if he was planning to cut the rods that are longer than usual (presumably to extend the fusion) or to do more fusion. Then my husband quit his job and left me without insurance. Dr. Pashman agreed to do it, but I had had reservations about him. Nothing concrete, just a gut feeling. My neck hurts everyday and I some days I can not look up or even keep my head up. A neurologist has been giving me botox injections in my neck and sending me to PT, but I don't believe any of that has helped, and I think it might have made my neck worse. My question is should I keep trying to find a doctor to fuse up to T3? In my mind the surgery was never finished. I have much difficulty walking. Dr Pashman told me I do not have a big enough curve in my lower back, and he would have to do some osteotomies (?) in my upper back. I agree with this assessment. I also think that I do not have a curve in my cervical fusion. Any one have any ideas? Also, in hindsight I would not have had fusion to sacrum, because it has had a huge impact on my sex life.

07-27-2015, 06:55 PM
Where are you living now?