View Full Version : The Non-Scoliosis Thread

02-21-2015, 12:08 PM
I'm starting this thread so that participants can discuss non-scoliosis issues. No rules except that you need to be respectful. Debate if you want, but attack someone personally, and you're gone. The goal is to keep non-scoliosis posts out of the other threads so they don't get derailed.

I'm not sure if you can move your own posts (should you desire), but I can move them if you'd like.

So, post about your pets (Jess), about your relatives (Ed), or whatever you like. And, thanks for understanding.


02-22-2015, 10:14 AM
I think this should to belong to the disappeared (why?) miscellanea section and not to the non-surgical one.

02-25-2015, 01:41 PM
Of course, I'm not trying to tell anyone how to run the forum, but I do think that most times it is unintentional when this happens and I'm not sure it can be completely avoided.

Many times we start out talking about our scoliosis, or our kid's scoliosis - and one thing leads to another and before you know it folks are discussing other things, often without even realizing it has happened. It occurs on the other forums I belong to as well - I guess it's just human nature and it has been going on here (and elsewhere) for as long as I can remember. I've always viewed it as rather harmless as long as, as you say, it stays friendly and respectful - and somehow we usually get back on topic. But like I always say at my job, I don't make the rules - I just follow them, so I'll certainly make an effort to abide by this new policy.

02-25-2015, 09:23 PM

I understand, and actually agree with you somewhat. I can, however, also put myself in the shoes of someone who is just starting out here. There are so many posts, and if someone is looking for threads on a specific topic, it's probably pretty disappointing to find that some of them have a lot of unrelated stuff to wade through to get to the actual topic.