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02-20-2015, 06:01 AM
Hello, it's been some time since I came here to rant about my spine, but... things have got worse yesterday. I've hit my knee when cycling many months ago, and eventually it turned I have prepatellar bursitis. Anyway, I haven't been exercising both because of being lazy( I didn't have any major pain) and because the front of my knee was full of sinovial liquid and obviously this was an inconvenience(pretext). So for a month my spine hurt sometimes. I was ignoring the pain. Eventually I had to do some cabling work, just installing a simple ethernet cable across the apartment through the floor plinths. The position wasn't very comfortable at all of course. So bam my right side of my back starts to hurt. I had that in the past. Stabbing pain when breathing... I'm not actually surprised. I mean, looking at the xrays I'm surprised I'm not falling apart... I have myorelaxants in the fridge just for such a situation. I slept well during the night, the spasms subsided. Then in the morning(the bursitis is almost treated) I had this wonderful idea of exercising. Everything was fine until I got into a prone position and had my torso+neck+head make an upward exercise. This is quite ok always. But looks like I should have waited until evening and let the muscles rest a bit. I just hate this stuff, especially the part where people assume I'm fine and I have to explain WHY I can't lift that thing or that or whatever... I should have just called a repairman...