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11-09-2014, 10:35 AM
Thought a thread of this nature might be fun!

1. Already mentioned my daughter nearly kissed the wrong woman in recovery b/c she knew I might be very swollen!

2. On the 2nd or 3rd evening, I was given a tray of clear liquids. Everything had foil lids that I could NOT open and I was very frustrated. Dr B came in on rounds & I asked him to put his surgical skills to use & open my food. He did so while his colleagues snickered!

3. I mistook my daughter for my nurse multiple times. My husband's identity kept changing, too.

4. I slept with my hand in red jello - my fingers & nail beds were stained red for a few days.

I thought there were more . . . I'll share when my memory of them returns! Looking forward to your stories!

11-10-2014, 08:54 PM
Here are mine
When I was in the ICU I kept loosening my pain button
I kept thinking the drains was the button
When my mom went to get some food my room mate didn't realized she was baby sitting me

11-10-2014, 09:39 PM
Thought a thread of this nature might be fun!
What a fabulous, and funny idea for a thread. You are such a strong woman, only a few weeks post op and already finding humor in your experience. I pray that I have such success when I finally have my surgery...

11-15-2014, 12:14 AM

- I sang "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" to the nurses
- I did the hula
- I asked for a beer (I don't really like beer). When my husband asked me why, I told him "because we are in an English Pub!". The nurse brought me cranberry juice, I downed it and said, "great beer" and went to sleep.

I do not remember any of these, but my family told me about them.


This happened after my second surgery,....I was up at the bedside commode and as usual was very weak and could not stand with/transfer without help. A 20 year old or so VERY STRONG male med assist was helping me get off the commode. I was holding onto his arm for dear life as I was ready to fall at any moment. My undies were around my ankles and I knew that if I let go of his arm, that I would surely fall. I told him so, and asked him if he could help me and pull up my undies. When he started to help pull my undies up, I started to laugh [didn't help my balance any...] and said to him, "You are the first guy who has ever PUT ON my undies".

11-18-2014, 10:45 PM
Well....I am not sure it was funny because I still blush when they talk about it. RIGHT after the 7 hour surgery was over and they wheeled me into icu, and my mother and husband stood back while they tried waking me from the anesthesia and I began mumbling and moaning, they couldn't make out what I was saying so the poor nurse got right down by my face to listen and she said "lie?" "Who lied honey" to which I yelled with some new found strength "LIAR..LIES, all LIES....You all promised the pain management would be under control and it's not...throw me out the !*#ing window because it will be BETTER pain management then what your providing LIARS LIARS!
Mother said they put something in my iv and I was out again.
I am humiliated that I would yell, much less drop F-bombs at my surgeons staff however my husband said they were all giggling about it. I don't remember ANY of it.

An Asian male nurse also came in once I was responding and announce would be giving me a suppositorie and apparently I was less then thrilled because I told him he wasting his time because no way in hell was he coming near my rear end. Again....I apparently used quit colorful words. So embarrassing. I am a happy drunk can't believe I am a mean druggie!!!

11-19-2014, 12:00 AM
I was afraid to death to see an operating room and asked an anesthesiologist to nock me out before rolling me in. She told me I might be conscious, but I won't remember anything. When my second surgery came (I had anterior / posterior) same story. I begged the nurse to nock me out, but she said: "you were very happy and talkative in the OR before your first surgery, you told us a story about how you met your husband", to which I responded that it's not true, I don't remember seeing any OR, let alone telling some stories. My mom was standing next to me and asked the nurse to repeat the story and she did! She gave us a short version of how I met my husband. I don't remember any of it and wonder what other stories I told them in the OR.

12-05-2014, 10:20 AM
I was told I tried to get up off the table during the wake up test. I guess I decided I was done?

12-10-2014, 05:17 PM
At my request, just mostly for laughs later(hopefully we'll be laughing about these later). The better I am feeling, the funnier things are getting.

Anyway, I was adamant that my hubby take a picture of my face when I got to the recovery room. I had heard some stories on line here about faces being swollen and unrecognizable (ha), and I just wanted to see what everyone else saw so no one could make it any better or worse than it actually was.

Okay, I think I've said before in this forum that I really don't take a lot of meds - mostly just ibuprofen, which of course was taken away from me months ago. Long story short - I have a tendency to be given my medicine and then try to work the Samsung tablet, the laptop, the phone, and/or the tv set. Again, at my request, my husband started taking pictures of me that hopefully we'll put in some kind of format to share with you all. I have literally hundreds of me asleep, remote in hand, pointed at the Wii. There's one of me asleep holding a cup and straw up to my mouth. There's another, sound asleep, trying to take a bite of sandwich. I will spare you some of the others, but suffice it to say when I'm medicated, I'll fall asleep anywhere, including the lavatory.

I also have a couple of really great pics of what my hair looked like after they put the traction halo on. I look like I have an afro made of black snow cones. I worked for two days (actually hurting myself) trying to comb through the knots before we just decided to shave it. Hopefully, this too will be funny some day, but not right now. My hair was all one length and below my bra line in the back, so it was kind of a lot to lose. If that is the worst thing that happens, I'll be happy.

The only other thing I remember is from when I was admitted to Boone here in Columbia with the ileus I had when discharged from Barnes. When it finally "broke free," the nurse asked me if I was feeling better. I said yes, I felt much better, except that I felt like I had just "eliminated" (not the word I used) a bag of doorknobs. She laughed to hard that she cried.

That's about all I remember for now. Will have to go through my phone and get some of those messages out of there. I truly have no idea what I was talking about in many of them, and I have no idea what language I was trying to speak. My family is wonderful, though, and they were just glad that I was trying to reach out to them to let them know I was okay. Seems love has its own language after all.

Hugs and love to all of you. Hope you all are continuing to do well. It's been one month today since surgery, and I finally think I'm starting to turn some sort of corner. My energy is still really low and I continue to have trouble with walking and balance, but hopefully as I get stronger, that will get easier, too.

Take care! Peggy, I pray for you every day and hope you are doing better. I'm going to check your blog now for updates. I've basically been updating my own sporadically and not had the time or energy to read much else.

Love to all,

12-10-2014, 06:29 PM
LOL - a bag of doorknobs - what a sense of humor! We just ordered 2 new toilets that have the ability to flush 16 golf balls in 1 flush - nothing was noted in the literature about doorknobs!