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09-27-2014, 02:45 PM
I'm just 3 months post-op (fused T-9 to sacrum w/ pelvic anchors). Is it possible to be walking too much? I'm currently averaging about 3 miles a day at a 14 minute/mile pace. I notice that I have muscle soreness around my right shoulder blade sometimes after I walk. Other than this, I feel relatively good. Very bearable discomfort although I definitely have freaky nerve pain in one thigh and that lying on a metal plate feeling when I lay down.

My fear is that I'm doing too much - I sneak in gardening and housework whenever I can. I do a lot of squatting with my knees (never bending from the waist) but I guess I fear that I'm not doing as good as I feel. I've been reading members' posts about the need for revision surgery and it's making me second guess my own recovery.

Am I over thinking my post-op life or am I doing too much too soon?


09-27-2014, 09:26 PM
You are doing good! I would say that if you can walk 3 miles and it doesn't give you pain, keep doing it. I don't think I walked that much at 3 months, but I remember walking 3-4 miles at 20mph at 4-5 months. How do you handle gardening? That would require bending, wouldn't it? The only housework I did at 3 months was cooking, laundry and grocery shopping. Cleaning people did the rest - I didn't touch a vaccuumcleaner or a mop for a long time.