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09-14-2014, 12:32 PM
My dear support friends. My surgery was a great success and has taken away the old pains. I have had temporary pains for short x-period of time then another one pops up. Never intolerable but I assumed they were healing pains.

I had a terrible year after developing Eosiphilic gastroenteritist which bordered to almost being diagnosed as Cronkite Canada Disease (Chrons and other were eliminated quickly) but finally treated and now watching. I lost over 20lbs but gained a whole new wardrobe almost including shoes. Feet are too small for my normal size and too long for 1/2 size down. (I am a shoe fetish but living in a desert cuts out many styles). It was life threatening but was successfully treated at UCSD San Diego.

I will be seeing, Dr Bridwell in St Louis for my 2-yr, but in October as November is such a cold and gray time. I have a current problem with the look and feel of my spine. My immediate family tells me it is nothing but I know it is not so. I just want a logical explanation which my brain could accept.

My spine has dipped in while the flesh on both sides looks higher. I want to have this explained (soon I hope) as to what am I feeling? the bone or the rods?

It has brought from onset of about 6 wks+ different pains on the thoracic section.

To me it seems like the middle section is glued to the spine and the rest of the skin is normal containning fat and other muscles. No pain unless I am not in straight position.

I am posting some photos if I can. Please e-mail if you have questions.

09-14-2014, 01:13 PM

What you're seeing is completely normal. When they change the shape of your spine, the soft tissues also change. The fact that you've had a recent weight loss probably makes it more noticeable to you.


09-14-2014, 02:17 PM
OK, I buy that but I lost the weight back in Feb and then my back (skin was even). About July or August, thorac started feeling sharp pains which I ignored as to not sound like a constant complainer. Then, the spine section started to show the dip along the surgery line. It looks like the stitches are glued to the bone.

When they close you, what do they stitch? I thought only the skin i.e. the outer layer.

I am feeling dumb. Not a matter of life or death.

PS: I read someone's else comment about IDIOTS.
... don't argue with an idiot, people observing won't be able to distinct the difference...

09-14-2014, 05:23 PM
There are different methods of closing, and I thin it may depend on the size of the fat layer.

I can't really tell from your description, what you're seeing.