View Full Version : How do you post a photo link in the message?

09-05-2014, 11:49 AM
I am so remedial when it comes to adding a photo or internet link.

I have a picture on my cell phone (and I can access the internet from the cell phone) and I want to post it in my message. How do I do that? Please give very detailed information and step by step help.


09-05-2014, 10:30 PM
In order to post a LINK, you would need to put the photo up on a website. I suspect that what you want to do is to include a photo with your post. To do that, you'll want to send the photo from your phone to yourself (via email or text message). From your email or text messenger, save the file to your computer (I always find the desktop is the easiest place to save the file).

In a forum message window (where you would type a message), you'll find a paperclip icon in the first row of icons, almost all the way to the right.

Click on the paperclip.

In the File Upload Manager window that will open, click on Add Files (upper right corner).

An Upload Files from your Computer window will open. Click on Select Files (bottom center).

A new window will open up, and you'll need to navigate to wherever you saved the photo. Select the file from your computer, and click Open.

The navigation window will disappear, and you'll see the Upload Files from your Computer window again. The file should now be listed and the box to the right of the file name and size should be selected. Click Upload Files. If you've done everything correctly, your file should now be in the Home folder on the forum website.

To attach your photo to your message, drag the icon that should now be stored inside the Home folder, down to the Attachments area at the bottom of the File Upload Manager window. Click Done.