View Full Version : Random thoughts on PAIN and PREDNISONE

03-01-2014, 12:21 PM
hello my scoli friends, well i recently had a severe allergic reaction- face swelled and skin turned red and burned and hurt, I ended up on prednisone for the first time ever in my life. OMGOSH One of the side effects of prednisone: I woke up pain free. I cleaned the kitchen standing up, bending over, I gave the dog a bath ( both dogs!) I vacuumed, etc. etc.

All the usual household chores that I do slowly and with groaning, or else I use my pick-up stick to avoid bending ... I felt young and ACTIVE.

it was short lived. and last weekend, I feared I had overdone it ( probably true) and had stressed my lumbar vertebrae ( most ikely did) .... now I am back to moving slowly, woodenly and stiffly. But it has given me hope- perhaps I can limit this pain after surgery. when I came home from work last week, after weaning off the prednisone, I collapsed on the sofa - couldn't even bear to sit in the recliner- had to lie flat. My pain was at least a 6 maybe an 8 on a 1- 10 scale. I guess- since I always have some discomfort-- I never really figured the pain was that severe. But since being "pain free" for such a short time- it was a dramatic wake up.

Yes, I am going to schedule an appt with my surgeon soon- and I will start planning for surgery. probably in November. This is my year.
I need to find the will power to exercise, to walk every day and get stronger. I am very sedentary due to the pain. anyway ... I am fighting depression, I think i must stay on meds the rest of my life for the depression. but I have a plan, and I pray that one day I can post here as well- about less pain and greater activity. Maybe not greater flexibility- but at least activity. thanks for sharing and reading. blessings to all- Jamie in TX