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02-23-2014, 08:16 AM
Dr. Lonner did an interview on Dr. Whiteson's Rehab medicine show earlier this week. These are my recollection of a few points he made...

1. Scoliscore is in use. He said it finds kids who will not reach the surgical range which he stated was 40*. He cited the original percentages in the study population of who was in low, medium and high risk groups and didn't mention the later study showing very different percentages. There was some speculation among us bunnies that they might have tried for 30* but could only get a statistical significance at 40* and that was less useful. Based on how he talked about this, I think they might have always had 40* in mind as the threshold. If this is true, then it suffers from the same potential problem that BrAIST does in terms of talking about an angle that is not protective against progression to surgical range for life. That said, Scoliscore is far better than BrAIST in that they have 40* and BrAIST has 50*. In re BrAIST, for the "bracing successes" that were >45* and up to 49*, can they really be considered successes?

2. Said for small AIS curves, as many boys as girls walk through the door ("all comers") which really surprised me. He said the large percentage of girls was only for large AIS curves. I DID NOT know that. I thought girls were the vast majority of cases for all curve sizes with AIS.

3. Never mentioned BrAIST once. Nothing. Nada. Like it never happened.

4. He does state braces can be effective.

He is coming on again at some point for another interview. I will be sure and catch that.

02-23-2014, 04:45 PM
Thanks for sharing that. I would have loved to hear the entire interview. Over the past decade, I've heard Dr. Lonner's name mentioned many times as someone who is highly regarded in the field.

02-23-2014, 04:57 PM
I'll ask if there is a transcript posted somewhere. If I know when he will be on again, I will call in and ask a few thousand questions. :-)

I want to ask if BrAIST changed any hearts and minds among the clinicians and ask about when he thinks the authors will publish the curves at maturity for the bracing and W&W group and not just summary stats.