View Full Version : First Jet Ski Ride after Surgery

06-02-2013, 07:52 PM
Hi Everyone,

I have been traveling ALOT for work, but wanted to stop in at the forum and give an update. Do get to sneak peaks occasionally at what is going on with everyone--and the newbies.

Anyway, I was an avid Jet Skier before the surgery and was told by my surgeon that I could probably go back to riding (albeit not in rough waters) after a while. Well, it's been almost two years (actually 20 months) since my surgery and we purchased a SeaDoo with "intelligent suspension" which basically takes a lot of the bumps and jolts out of going through the water.

As I rode, I thought about some of the other spinal fusion people on this forum and wondered how different experience (as far as stress on the spine) is. Ed goes skiing and Karen does tap dancing--all would deal with a bit of bouncing around.

I am pleased with getting more agile (can put shoes and socks on without sock aid). Still a bit clumsy.

Does anyone have problems with Charlie horses and dropping things? It could just be an age thing.

Anway, wanted to say hi to everyone.

This forum is the greatest!