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05-20-2013, 02:33 PM

I wanted to get some feedback from anyone who has had the surgery done in the Philadelphia area and what doctors they were or were not happy with. Its such a big decision and I'd like to stay close to home but I want to be sure I am picking the right doctor. Also, if anyone has had any experience with Dr. Victor Hsu at Abington Orthopedics, Id love to hear about it. Thanks in advance.

05-20-2013, 11:08 PM

The best known doctor for peds in Philly is Randal Betz at Shriners. You might also want to check out Todd Albert and Vincent Arlet.


05-21-2013, 01:02 PM
Thank you Linda. This is for myself, not for a child. I checked our Rothman and did not like them at all. I will look into Dr Arlet at Penn. I do like Dr Hsu at Abington but wanted to get 3 opinions at least.

05-21-2013, 07:33 PM
Sorry, not sure why I thought it was for a child.

05-25-2013, 09:04 AM
Hi jworth,

I had surgery at Lankenau with Dr. Fras 5 years ago. I saw Dr. Albert at Rothman for a second opinion. Feel free to ask me any questions.


05-28-2013, 09:37 AM
Thank you both for your suggestions. I am sending over my records and X Rays to Dr Alrlet to get another opinion and have another follow up with Dr Hsu at Abington in a few weeks. Just hoping I make the right decision. I feel very torn right now.

05-28-2013, 10:13 AM
When you meet the correct surgeon for you, you will know.

05-28-2013, 10:22 AM
Welcome to the forum!

I haven't had surgery and I don't live in the Philly area, so I can't help you there. I'm curious about what you said about feeling torn. Do you feel torn about having the surgery or torn because you like your current doctor and don't want to change doctors? I'm sure someone here will have some insight for you. Linda Racine is the moderator of this forum, she has scoliosis, she has had at least a couple of different surgeries, AND she works with some of the nations best scoliosis doctors and goes to conferences and has met many, many doctors and heard them speak. So she has the inside scoop on where to go. My opinion is that getting input from her is rather weighty.

Is there any way you can ask your current doctor for some references? Many people do that and then talk to some of the doctor's actual patients before deciding. I didn't ask my doctor directly, but I did the same as you are doing. I did get some feedback, unfortunately all of it negative, about my doctor. Now I don't want to go to him and I can't switch because of my insurance. Ugh! I talked to one actual patient of his in the waiting room who was happy. I also have a friend with a much smaller fusion (two level) than I will need (12 - 14 level) and she liked him, too. I know, you're not here to talk about my doctor, sorry.

Another thing you can try is typing your doctor's last name in that little search box at the upper right hand corner of this page and search for his name. Hopefully you'll find something. If you find a patient's name, you can send them a PM and hope that they respond. If they don't it's usually because they are no longer on the forum, which might be a good thing because they've gone on with their lives.

You can also go back to the home page of this website and get the link to the SRS. They have a list of SRS certified doctors. You type in your location and what subspecialty, such as "adult scoliosis" (since you're an adult). It will bring up a list of doctor's in your area that specialize in scoliosis. A large percentage of their practice has to be centered exclusively on helping scoliosis patients to be SRS certified.

You are doing absolutely the right thing by asking about your doctor. I know that if I ever decide to have surgery, I will want to have at least 95% confidence in the doctor who operates. I'd like to have 100%, but that's not possible for me! =)

I hope you find the information you are looking for!