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02-02-2005, 11:38 PM
Hi. My name is Jen. I'm 23 and I'm having surgery on Feb 18th for Scheuermann's kyphosis. I'm really scared, and I don't know what to expect. I have an office job where I sit for 8 hours a day, and I'm wondering how soon I will feel well enough to go back to work? Any suggestions?

I am having a posterior fusion only. My curve is 80 degrees. I have a two year old daughter, and I will be really sad to not be able to hold her for a while. :(

02-03-2005, 01:44 AM

Good luck for you upcoming surgery, I hope everything goes well for you and you have a speedy recovery. There is a 15 year old boy in the "Adolescent" section of the forum, who had surgery for Scheuermann's kyphosis (and scoli too I think) late last year. Even though having surgery when you're 15's a bit diff to when you're 23, its always good to get experiences of people who've had surgery for the same stuff as you. He loves to help people and would probably be more than willing to share his experiences of the surgery and the recovery with you. His screen name on the forum is Matt. If you search under his username in the search function in search option, you'd come up with some of his posts.

You'll probably be able to get experiences as well from the "older folk" who've had surgery for scoliosis as an adult, about the going back to work stuff etc

My very best wishes


Mary Lou
02-03-2005, 06:35 AM
Hi Jen,

My 13 y.o. daughter had posterior surgery for her Kyphoscoliosis eight weeks ago. She returned to school 4 weeks post-op (would have gone at 3 weeks, probably, had it not been Christmas vacation) for half days; return full time a few weeks later. She does fine in school and doesn't seem to be too tired at the end of the day. As for lifting your daughter, I'm sorry to say that probably won't be happening too soon after surgery. Jamie's isn't allwoed to lift more than 5-10 pounds. At two, however, she should be able to crawl up on your lap and snuggle! Best of luck to you. If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

02-03-2005, 10:40 PM
Hi Jen, I went back to work at 5 months post-op. I work in an elementary school library. I do a lot of sitting but also get up quite a bit as well. Sitting for to long without getting up and stretching or laying down for a bit gets pretty uncomfortable. My surgery was anterior/posterior, it was very involved. I wanted to go back to work at 4 months, but it was summer time so the school was closed. I would think that with having a posterior only surgery that you will be ready to go back a lot sooner than I was (plus your younger). Hope everything goes okay for you.