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retired Mom
02-03-2013, 12:28 PM
how long do you need pain killers after surgery. I am three months post-op and still take some.

02-03-2013, 02:49 PM
The need for pain meds varies greatly in people who have had the surgery.
I just started my fifth month and don't take much pain medication right now but I'm also still home bound so I don't have to go anywhere. If I had to return to work, I know for a fact I would have to take medication during the day.

I experienced a dramatic drop in pain during the fourth month. That seems to be a good month for many people after their scoliosis surgery. You are almost there!
For now, I usually take a Tylenol right before I go to bed. About every other week, my husband and I go out (I'm not able to press the gas pedal and brake yet so he drives) my pelvis will hurt a lot more that night so I have to take two Tylenol or 1/2 an oxycodone before I can lay down.

I put up with a lot of pain though so that's why the whole pain issue is relative. You are still very early in recovery so keep taking the medication as long as you need to. My third month still had a lot of pain in it so you are normal at this stage. Before you know it, you'll notice a decrease in pain. Hang in there.

02-03-2013, 10:45 PM
I was on prescription pain meds (Norco) for five months, also muscle relaxers for most of that time. I weaned VERY slowly so as not to experience withdrawal symptoms. By the sixth month I was down to Tylenol. Now at 10 months I rarely take anything for the pain. An Advil once in a while, maybe before my period. I still have some discomfort, but not enough to warrant medicating. I know people on this forum who have been off all prescription meds in the first month, and others who have remained on them for a year. There are other threads about it if you do a search on "pain meds."