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01-27-2013, 10:53 PM
Has anyone had cortisone injections for pain post-op? Having an appt with a physiatrist on Wednesday, who will pinpoint where I need the shot(most definitely will be the SI joint or around there) and administer it. I've had one once before in my bursa on my hip when I had hip bursitis from running and it was extremely painful, but did help soothe the pain afterwards...just wondering how the procedure for a shot in a joint would be different, if it is. Eek! I'm praying that it works. I'm sick of these silly issues keeping me on Vicodin-which is making me get terrible acne!!!

Thanks for your input!


01-27-2013, 10:57 PM
Hi Hannah...

Spine injections are generally done under fluoroscopy. I've had injections several times, and for me it was just not a big deal. The only uncomfortable part is that you have to lay on your tummy for maybe 15-30 minutes. My physiatrist does them with or without twilight sleep, depending on what the patient wants.

Hope it works for you.


01-28-2013, 10:24 PM

Are you in the clear for anti-inflammatories? I think that's what the injection is. Let us know how it works. Best wishes!