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Joe O'Brien
09-22-2003, 01:37 PM
Choosing a scoliosis doctor is not an easy task and has many things to consider. There is no such thing as the "best" doctor in the United States, or the "perfect" doctor who is right for everyone. The patient/doctor relationship is exactly that, a relationship. As such there are many subjective and unique dynamics that impact who the "right" doctor is for each person.

What we do need at a minimum is to make sure that we have a doctor who is properly trained and licensed in their field. We need someone who has the education, expertise, and experience to assess our medical problems and advise us as to what options we have and why a particular course of action is recommended. One major source of Orthopedic Spine specialists is the Scoliosis Research Society, and you can find the doctors in your state by going to www.srs.org/locator and putting only the state abbreviation in the designated field.

Many well-known scoliosis spine specialists have done thousands of spine surgeries. The experience of these doctors can certainly be valuable in getting a proper diagnosis, prognosis, and treatment recommendation. Whether or not you follow the particular advice of a doctor or choose him/her for treatment is up to you (and perhaps your insurance company). Very often because of their extensive expertise doctors such as these have actually performed some of the most difficult cases that other surgeons may not undertake. This also means they may have a higher risk of potential complications.

Please keep this in mind as you listen to other patient's comments and experiences. Their experience is very valuable, but the whole situation must be kept in perspective. I encourage everyone to consider a second opinion no matter which doctor you choose to go to, and especially if you do not feel satisfied. I would add however that for most people who live near any major cities there are appropriate spine specialists to cover the majority of scoliosis care needed. Extensive traveling is usually not necessary and may add considerable physical, logistic, and financial burdens that can be detrimental to your treatment and follow up care.

10-11-2003, 09:23 AM
Can you refer me to any doctor who will converse with me regarding causes for breaking of my rod? Thank you.

12-01-2003, 12:18 AM
Hello, I was reading your question, I also live in Kentucky and have scoliosis and I have the harrington rods, I was wondering who removed your rods, or who is your Doctor, I am currently seeing Dr. John Johnson at the Leatherman Spine Institute in Louisville, Ky my original Doctor who did my first & only surgery was Dr. Kenton Leatherman also from Louisville, Ky who has long since passed away. Sandy