View Full Version : Dr. Matthew Cunningham of Hospital for Special Surgery, NYC - feedback on him please.

01-10-2013, 06:46 AM
I was scheduled for surgery with Dr. Boachie in NYC and found out yesterday that my insurance is not acceptable (previously they thought it was). They referred me to Dr. Cunningham who takes my insurance with the same hospital. I am totally freaked, as my surgery was scheduled for 2/13. I have not heard anyone on the Forum mention Dr. Cunningham and wanted to get some feedback, if possible.

As you all know, it takes a mountain of courage to commit to the surgery, and a big part of the reason was the surgeon - Dr. Boachie and the hospital (#1 in the USA in orthopedic surgery). Dr. Lonner is another option, but I am not too thrilled with the hospital he is affiliated with NYU Orthopedic.

I am stilll shaking and in shock, as Dr. B's office had checked with Cigna previously and they said they would take my insurance because it pays well. When they called yesterday to confirm, they found out that the tier level of my plan would pay too little and therefore, they won't accept it. I am still trying to see what Cigna will actually pay, but I think Dr. B's office will not find it sufficient.

Thank you.