View Full Version : United Health Care Insurance - great customer support

12-17-2012, 10:08 AM
I have to say that after they reversed the denial as DR Bridwell was able to convince them... The program is absolutely great!!!!

I know that there are many types of programs or levels of care within UHC but the one we are on thru Oracle Systems is more than I expected.

I had a nurse call the other night (she says that I am in the group where nurses check with the patients on a routine after leaving the hospital). She went thru every medication and calmly explained etc. I felt someone was helping me manage all those meds.

I can call them 24x7 for any questions or doubts that are not related to a 911 type of call or specific to the spinal fusion.

As for billing, very little has been billed but all has been covered.

One good news and a whole lot of stress gone.