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12-01-2003, 12:11 PM
I posted this on another yahoo groups site, but wanted to see what everyone's experience is here. this is my post:

i want to post a big post soon regarding lucas' most recent ortho appt, but before dinner, i only have a moment to post my question.
when you get x-rays for your children out of the brace to check the status of their curve, do the doctors recommend a certain length of
time beforehand that your child should be out of the brace prior to the x-ray to get the most accurate measure of his/her curve?

we're so happy that lucas' curve has corrected from 68o in june to 34o in nov. we're hoping that it is due to both his wearing two different
braces almost full-time (10 hours in each for a total of 20 hours/day). the tlso/boston during the day and the charleston/bending brace at night. as well as his spinal detethering surgery in mid-sept. our next appt. isn't for another 5 months, and at that appointment, they recommend that he doesn't wear a brace for 24 hours prior to the appointment. this time we didn't know about that and had kept the brace on until the appointment. just curious what other parents are told to do.

i look forward to hearing about everyone else's upcoming appointments.

north of boston, ma
mom to lucas 2 yo on Sat otherwise happy and healthy child with scoliosis (was 68o and 34o in june and now 34o and 22o in nov) http://homepage.mac.com/desheaharris/