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08-16-2012, 03:52 AM
Greetings to all,
Chairs, computers and scoliosis are not particularly the best match. I think it would be funny to see a person(healthy) sitting at a computer if we hide all the hardware and furniture. We would get a very unnatural position that is uncomfortable long term. We all hear about lower back pain and so on from healthy people, as a result from bad positions. Yet, this would multiply tenfold for scoliosis patients. Now, to the point. My work includes working at the computer. Besides that I use a lot the computer in my free time. I am very uncomfortable sitting(neck, upper and lower back tiredness) at the computer table especially one hand on the keyboard and the other on the mouse. When I can, I put the mouse on the thigh and its relatively more comfortable than the usual position. During this spring I was working on my bachelor thesis and I suspect this has somehow injured my neck muscles-everything I did/do is computer work(and drawing). Then after graduating I had some massage and taken ketoprofen and the pain gradually disappeared. But recently(1 week) I got this new work and a few days ago I got again the same damn pain that eats me alive. Do you have any experience regarding workplace furniture, etc? Besides that I decided to get myself a google nexus 7 to replace sitting at the computer. Do you find easier(less back tiredness, muscular spasms) using a tablet than a computer Thank you a lot!

A few details about myself:
23 y. male, finished university. Got scoliosis since ~6 years(the main curve is located in the thoracic part "leaning" on the right), but I suspect I was born with it and docs didn't notice. I was told I didn't need surgery and so on. I don't know the angle cause I was never told it but well I think a side person wouldn't care enough to notice I have anything wrong(okay except the strange head position part), unless it is a doctor, or has ever dealt with such problems. Actually only my close friends ever asked me about it. I do exercises(do you know any good exercise books specifically for scoliosis?) and swimming(sometimes, okay more than sometimes, get pain when swimming on my lower left muscles, that is basically contrary to the upper right curve). I tried during spring a small course of exercises with a friend- pushups, pullups, squats and plank. I found out that though I was doing some progress I was getting back pain. So I'm left with squats. Anyone doing squats? Is it safe to do squats for scoliosis?

08-16-2012, 10:25 AM

I work at a desk all day on pc. I have just had a chair 'designed' for me to help support me.

It has a bespoke back which I have had airbags fitted to to assist my posture. I positioned them where I wanted and then the backrest was fitted by the manufacturer so that the airbags remain in place.

I can inflate/deflate these bags as much as I wish and I find this useful throughout the day to change the amount of aiir pressure in them according to how tired and how much pain I am in.

I am in the UK and I have had the chair for 1 week. it costs approx 1000- which my company paid for.

Let me know if you would like more details.

09-01-2012, 10:56 PM
The back should be at 135 (more or least) in order to reduce the gravity force in a significant way.
This chair seems to be good.