View Full Version : Help for sciatica issues

01-19-2005, 11:12 PM
Hi all,

I'm having severe sciatica in my left hip and leg. I do a lot of yoga, but it doesn't seem to be helping. Any suggestions?


01-19-2005, 11:17 PM
Hi Marian...

I found that the only things that made a difference in terms of sciatica were pain medication and time. A lot of people have had success with neurontin, which is actually a medication for epilepsy.

If you've had sciatica for more than a few weeks, and it's not going away, I'd recommend that you see your scoliosis specialist. I've heard that nerve pain can become permanent.


01-20-2005, 09:26 AM
i had severe sciatica 9 years ago after the birth of my son. chiropractic and an epidural injection of cortisone did the trick for me. be careful not to confuse pain from a pinched nerve with sciatica like i did 7 years later...i nearly did permanent damage to the nerves in my left leg by thinking i had sciatica again and that it would eventually go away again. i still can't believe i limped around for 2 years thinking i'd feel better any day...i'm good at denial i guess!

01-22-2005, 04:59 PM
Thanks Linda and Sue. It has actually gotten better since I rested from all activity for 5 days..I've returned to yoga without any problems so far.