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07-18-2012, 03:27 PM
I've been back in St Louis for the past month and will stay 2 more weeks. Then, return for the big day! I am so excited.

Had the flouroscopy with Dr Bridwell on July 5th in the OR (met part of his usual team) and it was very comfortable.

Met next day to review the results of the re-testing of Physical Therapy, and Dr Bridwell added a couple more tests. A very painful CR Meylogram with a Fellow who spoke real fast and then training a resident to insert the needle for the anesthesia and to extract the spinal fluid and reinsert dye. It was terrible as the intern's hand was really shaking and the Fellow guiding him kept voicing comments that were not fit for someone laying down should be hearing with a needle so close to the spinal cord. It was a total nightmare.

Went to see an orthopedic surgeon for my shoulder pain with the nicest doctor ever, very calm, friendly and competent (Dr Yamaguchi). Fortunately it was not about my past rotator cuff problem but of arthritis rubbing the joint. I went to get a flouroscopy cortisone shot and it was a piece of cake. My shoulde no longer hurt and I can sleep on that side however my left hip is still in pain.

I got the date scheduled and had to stay another week for a blood test without taking my anti-inflammatory (Celebrex) for a week before the test could be done. Unfortunately, they should have made a check list because I could have done that before during my stay. OH well, it works.

I had to miss my return flight and United is charging $150 for changes but with a medical letter they will return $100 back some day.

Airlines are getting so expensive with all the little things they charge extra.

I will be going home to put things in order. Until then...


07-19-2012, 01:54 PM
Apparently, Dr Bridwell does complex ones on Tuesdays and Thurs are reserved for shorter ones (good planning as he has consults on Fridays).

He also changed the length from T2 to T10 to Sacrum. He believes that the upper curve will continue to be stable but only the bottom has to be addressed. Hopefully, recovery is accordingly less by 8 section.

I wish that their office hire an assitant to Bernie who can sit on the phone to coordinate appointments for the benefit of the patient's schedule specially when from out of town. I think that she goes down the list of required test, calls, writes down and move on to the next call. She is very busy but very good at returning calls.

They also could have a checklist to remind Dr B what other procedures he might need next. The first time visit was extremely difficult as I expected a full consultation however Dr B required a test by himself on the OR but his next available wasn't for months. Problem was that I was there for a second opinion consult but decided he was the man after watching him look at my xrays. He profused so much knowledge and confidence that I could take the jump without second thought.

I am here for that second OR study but unfortunately one thing lead to another and I've been here for over a month still waiting to have one last blood test. Nothing serious in my case as I am staying with my single grad student daughter in her 2 bedroom condo that her parents own but she pays rent. Plus, she gets her refrigerator filled, dishes washed, dinner cooked and cleaned all for the joy of visiting.

Her electric bill will go up but that is not a problem since I will pay for the comfort to stay inside or go out shopping and spending more money for the apartment. (ha ha)

I am going to stop worrying about anything other than now I have had itches all over the body 2 days ago. No rash, benadryl does not help, maybe is yet another psycho problem added to biting the tongue/cheeks raw during the past 2 years.

PS - happy to be contacted directly.
PSS - is there any support group in St Louis like just to meet and go out for tea etc?

07-19-2012, 07:22 PM
Please feel free to email me and I'll give you my phone number. I live 30 miles from St. Louis and had surgery with Dr. Lenke at age 60. pottoff@htc.net

08-01-2012, 01:52 AM
So glad that you are finally on your way to getting everything done!
Wishing you the best!